Our 7 Qtpies

August 23, 2006

School options

I am so excited about some new school decisions we made about our oldest 2 kids. Public school for our oldest was just not working for him. He is very intelligent, but was only getting on the B honor roll in normal classes, while having test scores for "highly selective" colleges! He was too distracted by something or was just too bored in those classes, or both.
Kaytlin did not want to take required courses in the school district this year, so in searching out her options we found the perfect option for Drew. There is an online public high school that they can attend while still attending the local one for electives, plus Drew can take state-paid college classes that will count for high school credit. We hope this will challenge him and help him keep his focus where it belongs, while still allowing him to have the social contact he needs with the electives and extra-curricular activities. It was just so heart-breaking to see him at the 72% of his class because he is too bored to do his school work, when he should be much higher ranking according to his college accuplacer testing.
I can't wait to see how this works out for Drew and Kaytlin!

August 21, 2006

Our blessings!

Here is a pic of all of our qtpies, except Sam who will be here in November. The pic was taken in Atlanta at the Underground while on the way to our vacation in Orlando this summer. Drew, who is the ham laying on the ground, will soon be 17. In the back row is Devon, who is 13, he likes to be dramatic, but on a different wave length than Drew, he was having a good time even though he looks mad. Then comes Cody, who is 11, he is more ham-ish, like Drew, lol. Next is Kaytlin, who is holding Trinity (2 1/2), she is truely a sweet soul at 15, and getting her permit this week. Lastly in line is Hope-Anne, 9 years old, who wants to remain the baby, even while wanting us to have tons more babies for her to mother! Hope-Anne likes getting the attention of the baby, but also loves having babies around.

Trinity Renee

This is our first, sweet, amazing miracle after my dh's vasectomy reversal! At 2 1/2 she is quite the pill, but for most of her life she has been sweet and funny, but always a blessing no matter what! (we're potty training and its not fun)
Having Trina so far after the first 5 children has been so much fun. We enjoy everything more than the first set of kids, not because we love her more, but because we aren't so caught up in "parenting" that we forget to enjoy every moment. The kids have really enjoyed having her around! They laugh at her daily. She is always doing things that they find funny or saying something that makes them bust out laughing. Its also made them all so parental! They understand more of why we do things, but they also try to tell us how to parent, lol. "You'd never let US get away with that!" But they forget that she is 2 and they are much older! I love watching them change into more caring and nurturing people.
Many people seemed to think we were going to deprive our children of love by having more children. I really didn't know what to say to that! If you don't have more than a couple of children, maybe you just can't understand how you can still give your children enough of yourself with many children? But my children have loved having Trina around and are so excited to have a brother on the way and even prayed with us to be able to have more children. I hope we don't deprive our children of what they need, but I don't think that if we are that they think its because of having more children. (it would most likely be from spending too much time on the computer)

Our Seven Qtpies!

I'm totally new to blogging, but thought I'd give it a try with so many friends and family so far away.
My husband and I have 6 children with one on the way and are open for as many blessings as God gives us. Yes, that makes us "quiverful minded." Its not always easy, since most people think we are crazy, but its amazing to watch what God does to your heart, your family, and what He teaches your children!