Our 7 Qtpies

July 19, 2011

Life goes on.

I can't believe how little blogging I've been doing over the past year! I love blogging! My life has changed a lot, and it has changed so much that blogging doesn't feel the same. I don't have as many crazy disasters as I had when Sam and Trinity were little. Sam is still crazy, but he doesn't do that much in the way of blog fodder. He cracks us up every day, but I can't imagine everyone finding it funny, and it is usually a one-liner.
My new job is awesome! I doubt most people want to hear about it that often, though. :) I am selling Pure Romance, and while it surprised me that I wanted to do it, and that I have total peace about it all from God, I am really able to help women. And that feels so good! Not to mention that it is entertaining, too! I love making people laugh!
This fall will be a big milestone in my life: My first grandchild! I am so excited that it is a girl! I have been telling Drew for YEARS that I am praying for God to give him 7 daughters, you know, to get him back for all the crud he dished out as a teen, lol. First child being a girl= glees for me!

My mom and I found this wine called Seven Daughters and bought it for him for their first baby shower, lol. I thought he'd be annoyed, but he actually thought it was great! He'll be getting one of these every time he has a daughter!