Our 7 Qtpies

October 23, 2012

Life changes

It is so funny how fast life changes sometimes. I was comfortable with homeschooling my kids, living in a smallish town with great friends, great church, close enough to family to go see them, but not close enough to want to kill them.
Now I have no babies, all of my kids still at home are in public school, we are in a HUGE metroPLEX (metroPLEX, people!), Can't see my family without major planning and some moolah, and no idea where we are going to find a church. I sell Pure Romance, and LOVE it!

I've never been independent before. Not that I totally am, I just could be if I chose to be. I got married while still in high school, so I have never supported myself, gone to just one year of college back when I had 6 kids, just to prove I could do it. But now, with Pure Romance I feel so good about myself, what I can do, and how I help women. It isn't about sex, though that is great in your marriage, of course. It is about relationships, and knowing yourself and having a true intimacy in your marriage. I help women with their body issues, their sexual health issues, their problems with intimacy that hurts their marriage. It is so fulfilling to have someone call you and thank you for showing them that they COULD get through something and how it saved their marriage! THAT is what this is about.
The bonus is what it has done for me, personally. All the training, the changing, the growth, the empowerment! I KNOW that I could support myself and my kids if something ever happened and I needed to. I KNOW that I can be successful, make a lot of money, IF I wanted to. But I also know that I can have fun, help people, make some money doing it, and still be with my family and maintain the standard we want.

Texas is a huge change, but we are handling it. Frustration at every turn. But great weather, and lots of opportunities for the kids and us. At some point we'll have friends, a church, know our way around, and life will feel even better!

But right now, I love most of my life! If I could change one thing that would make me overjoyed it would be having all the adult kids living here, too, so I could see all of them and the grandbabies. The rest I can deal with.

October 22, 2012

Working on the Texas thing

 We took a trip to the Texas State fair this weekend with some friends. We've known Andy back when we only had 1 kid, lol. This was my first time meeting his wife, Martha.
Our favorite part of the fair was the PeeWee Stampede. Sam got to compete in his first "rodeo" as a bull rider. As you can see, it was one big bull!
 We really enjoyed, it, though. The kids rode those stick horses and bulls like it was serious business! Absolutely hilarious!

Sam has been trying to catch and own geckos, but we won't let him keep them for long, so they don't die. But he does enjoy playing with them when he manages to catch them. Here is a pic with Lizzy #2. "Pay no attention to the cat paw." lol Our cat pretends like he isn't looking at the lizard, but he moved his paw RIGHT THERE next to it. :)
 We went to the Fort Worth Stockyards one weekend and got pics of the little 2 on some Longhorns.

 I am sure it won't be long before we are all wearing cowboy boots and cowboy hats! Yeehaw!

October 12, 2012

Not in Kansas anymore

Ok, so other than driving through Kansas I wasn't there at all. But Texas is NOT Minnesota is what I'm trying to get across. lol
I like it here. I really do. But the hoops you have to jump through are so insane at times that I want to punch someone in the face. A lot of it is just annoying, like having to have our vehicles registered in order to get our licenses switched over, and having to have them inspected first and having to pay a $150 new Texan fee per person. But getting the kids enrolled in the high school is proving to be an exercise in futility.
For school you need to have proof of residency (of course), birth certificate (new one to me, never needed it before in MN or VA), Social Security cards, the actual cards, not just knowing the number (again NEVER had to do that, in fact, I refuse to give them out), and then you need a conscientious objection for immunizations that you have to send to the state for forms that could take as long as 30 days to get, and then have to have them notarized for each kid for each school. And THEN you have to fill out 12 pages of info for them and THEN they have to get the school records from our former school.
Guess how far we are with the high school enrollment in 2 weeks? Nowhere. And I have all the documents. But they will not take them or give us the stack of papers to fill out unless we go in before 10am because "the kids are at various lunches from then on."  Even if they are sitting on their butts talking to each other and have no other work to do. Seriously. I've called and complained to both the assistant principle and the district office. The district office has no idea why they wouldn't at least start the process, and were supposed to get back to me, but haven't, of course. So, I am no where.
The little 2? No problem! Went in, got the papers, took them home, filled them out, brought them back and got all the other stuff photocopied and they start school Monday. Even though it WAS after 10.
Between the high school and the horrible road construction that messes with everything I am ready to cry. Oh, and the stupid "Neighborhood Walmart" that I refuse to go to again. Not happy with their attitudes, either.
I like the weather!

October 08, 2012

Hmm, Texas......

I don't really know what to think of living in Texas yet. The weather was obviously nice when we got here, especially considering that is has already snowed back home in the week that we have been here. It got chilly this weekend, but it heading back up to the 80's this week.
Our neighborhood is gorgeous! I can't even fathom how we can afford to live here, but we can, and that is amazing! (in MN it would be double the cost for this house) We went for a walk on a nearby trail and had a great time. The kids' schools are both walking distance, too. It is very beautiful here.
The traffic, on the other hand, is atrocious! It takes forever to get anywhere. 15 miles to Donnie's work takes 45  minutes. It IS a metroPLEX, yes, but it doesn't matter when you go anywhere, there is always traffic. Just something you have to get used to.
People are not as friendly in Texas as they are in Minnesota. I will do my best not to lose my Minnesota Nice. There are nice people here, yes, and grumpy people in MN, true, but there is a noticeable lack here. I've talked to a couple of people about doing Pure Romance parties, and they have not had good experiences with the consultants, between outright rudeness and lack of correspondence.
We even tried out a church, we went to the one church that Donnie felt had been the nicest to him, none of the other churches even talked to him. Well, that was my experience, too. I tried to talk to people myself and they just didn't seem to have the time of day for me. So weird. We are going to try it again, because it is close, big and has lots of family events.

So, 1 week down in Texas and I am feeling kind of isolated. I am going to get out and get involved, but I am scared to leave the area, lol. I don't understand the roads yet, and I do not have GPS. Oh well! I am heading out to a Pure Romance team meeting tonight, so I will at least get a few contacts. It will be nice to at least know someone in the area to ask about things.

October 04, 2012

Texas Qtpies

I wonder if I should change my blog title now. We are now Texans, and there are only 4 Qtpies left at home.
So far this move is going pretty well. The drive was long, and mostly uneventful. Of course there were some moments, but we made it! We had to get a new vehicle for the trip because our old van leaked oil and looked like it was on fire with all the smoke coming out of the engine, so we would have had to stop and let it cool in order to check the oil several times on the trip, IF it even made it to Texas, and it would not have passed inspection here. We got a really nice Envoy with a hitch and a luggage rack, so I towed the fishing boat with me. We couldn't get the running lights to work on the trailer, so at night Donnie would follow me.
One night we stayed at a Wyatt Earp motel. It was something else! lol The next morning I got pulled over because NONE of the lights on the trailer were working. Something had chewed through the cords. Donnie pulled out his tools and reconnected them all on the side of the road, aaaaaaaaaaand still nothing. Not sure what happened, but at least I didn't get pulled over again. The only other incident on the trip was Trinity getting carsick, but even that she managed not to do IN the van.

We left Saturday night, stayed at a hotel in Souix Falls, SD, where we met up with Drew to deliver his wife and daughter back to him. We spent the morning with them and took off about noon. Spent a second night in the motel. Then finally made it home around 3pm on Monday.

The house is absolutely beautiful! We are all in awe of how amazing it is! I really feel like God thinks I am his favorite in this house! lol With our beautiful new-to-us SUV, and this gorgeous house, and this new job that allows us to afford to pay rent, we are just so incredibly blessed!

I am working hard at unpacking. We really left a ton behind so it isn't too bad. But the support board for the bunk beds did not make it, or the screws, so I have to head to the hardware store soon. Pictures will probably go up this weekend and it will start to feel like OUR home.

I am actually meeting a few people here in Texas already, and have 2 parties lined up for Pure Romance. I am confident that it won't be long to get my business back up and running soon! That will be a blessing, too, because I love what I do and I wouldn't want to have my business stop.

The only real problems we are having here in Texas are related to getting the kids in school. It is really difficult to do anything here, and that surprises me. We have to have an official birth certificate to enroll them, which I do not have for 3 of the kids, and we have to get official approval from the state for conscientious objection for immunization. Both the birth certificates and the immunization exemptions could take 30 days or more to receive! So the kids could be out of school for a month! The school doesn't care, which is strange to me since most schools work pretty hard to make sure your child doesn't miss a DAY. And another Texas thing is that I miss the Minnesota nice we left behind. People are not all the pleasant in stores here, or schools, lol.