Our 7 Qtpies

April 21, 2012

Liam is here!

 Liam was born on Wednesday, April 18th. It took a couple of days, but he is here and absolutely wonderful!
I think he has a lot of family resemblance to my kiddos, lol. I expected him to look more like his daddy! But when his daddy is holding him, you can for sure see he belongs to him, too.

We are just eating up our moments with the little guy, he is so sweet!

April 17, 2012

The waiting game

We are still at the hospital waiting on little Liam. Things are moving slowly, but contractions are steady!

We got another letter from Devon. Those are always fun! He was a bit frustrated with his team, several are not trying and messing up the whole group, so they are getting a lot of extra "attention" in the form of discipline. But he is doing well! He is a Chaplain's assistant and he is trying to rally some morale with evening prayers with his group. He said nothing else is working so give Jesus a try! That's my boy!

We enjoy his letters so much! It is pretty much our family entertainment.

My mom took Sam to see a circus, Trinity wouldn't go because she doesn't like clowns, and then there were no clowns, so too bad for her. But Sam had a blast! He got cotton candy, rode a horse and even rode an elephant named Tiny.

Mom is moving away soon. That will be sad. I appreciate all the help and love having a parent close by. We have so rarely lived near each other since I was about 14. But I understand, Minnesota is pretty cold and not good for arthritis, Arizona will be better for her. And my brother could use his mom nearby.

I will update when that little boy decides to make his appearance!

April 16, 2012

It's here!

Today is the day that my grandson, Liam, is going to be born! Well, as long as God wills it and the induction works. :)
It is really funny, but every time I see Kaytlin and her cute bulging belly I do a double-take. I can't imagine her being pregnant! Yet, here she is, having a baby today! I can't fathom her being a mother yet.
She isn't a baby-person, and we all, including her, imagined her not getting married until after college at least, and having babies later, like after 25 maybe. Yet, God had other plans. She found the man for her while still in high school, married a couple years later and even though they PLANNED to wait a couple of years to have a baby, God gave her one right away. His plans are always better!
We are all so excited right now!
I have a few hours to get some work done and then off to the hospital! I have to see this with my own eyes. :)

April 15, 2012

Loving Life!

April is beyond busy for me, but it is so much fun!
My business is booming, which I love! Pure Romance has a Prize Patrol that is randomly showing up at parties and spoiling the hostess and guests with prizes, AND all the April Hostesses are being submitted in a drawing to win one of 10 cruises, if the hostess wins, so does the consultant......... so........ I'm doing a lot more shows than usual! Loving it! It is a fun job, but hearing from customers that I helped them solve a problem gives me such satisfaction. :) Just loving what I do!

I am also loving having Drew and his family home for so long, it will end up being about 6 weeks with them! My little granddaughter is just adorable! Of course I am prejudiced about it, but really, she is adorable! She smiles ALL the time, at everyone, and heaven help you if you are a guy, because she will flirt like crazy! haha This morning she was fussy with her daddy, but when I got up she saw me and said what sounded like an attempt at Grandma "Waahwaw." And she got happy when I held her. I'll take it, haha.

Devon is a couple of weeks into boot camp now and he writes about a page a day to us. It is so much fun getting his letters! He is thriving on the discipline, like I thought he would, so I am very happy for him. The kids are enjoying his letters, too, because he doesn't have very neat handwriting and his lower case t's look like b's. So they giggle when they read how he is at Boob camp and has to go polish his boobs. Very silly, but it gets us all laughing!

Yesterday Jannessa, my mom and I threw a shower for Kaytlin and baby Liam. It was just so touching! Over 25 people came to celebrate our little guy and bless Kaytlin and Peter. They have been so blessed that they haven't bought him anything yet. Everything has been given to them so far. I think they just need the crib bedding now, but he won't be in a crib for a couple of months. The shower was just so much fun, I want to do it again! Jannessa and I, with the help of my friend Sarah, made a tricycle diaper cake on top of a round diaper cake base. The cake was just so cute and so much fun to make!

It was also our 23rd wedding anniversary yesterday. Just........ WOW! Not only does it not seem possible the a quarter of a century of marriage is almost here, but that we MADE it at all! It has been rough many times, but when it comes down to it, there just isn't anything that we can do to each other that is worse than what we have done to Christ. Every sin I have done has caused the same blood to be shed as what my husband has done. Not one drop was more precious than another, and we just have to forgive.

Today Drew and Jannessa had Faith dedicated and it was lovely! She is such a happy baby, and heaven help us, the pastor is a guy, so she was trying to get him to hold her the whole time, lol. Such a little flirt! We had a nice lunch afterwards and my friend Jeannie brought over a beautiful cake for her.

Tomorrow is baby day! Little Liam will, or should, make his appearance! Kaytlin is being induced because Peter works for the railroad and is 13 hours away. It is a new job, but they are giving him some time at home to be with her. We are all very excited to see him! I imagine him having black hair like Kaytlin had, and big brown eyes like his daddy! But he could very well be blond haired and blue eyed!

Not everything in my life it awesome, it isn't about being perfect, I am just so happy in spite of the bad things. I really think that going through some really dark times changes your outlook on life. We've had a couple of sad and frustrating things happen in the last week, but it isn't putting a damper on my joy!

April 04, 2012

Am I still a blogger?

I barely blog anymore! But I am so glad that I blogged what I have. I really want to get back on it.

I stopped blogging because I was in a pit of darkness and just couldn't see past it and I didn't want to spread that out there. I want to remember the good times and bad, but I couldn't share some of it.

But the darkness is gone and I am so joyful! Even with dealing with a lower income and high house payments, I just couldn't see it as bad after what I had been through! God is good, though and we're not losing our house. I am just so surprised that I was able to look at losing the house and not freak out, because security was so important to me in the past, and now............ well now I know that every single thing works for my good because I choose to follow God. I can take joy in everything!

I think I would actually have to dig to find something bad in my life if asked. My family is doing great! Drew and Jannessa have an adorable, healthy little girl that brings joy to everyone she sees. (not even kidding! She smiles at everyone like they are the most important person in the world to her) Kaytlin and Peter are going to be having a son in the next 2 weeks.

Devon joined the Navy and is off to boot camp beginning his adult life.

Cody is finally doing great with his anxiety issues, no more emotional issues! Hope is the most amazing artist, and she is just so passionate about it! Trinity and Sam are just happy go lucky kids who get to play and enjoy life with a billion people who love them and watch out for them! Then our church............ wow! It has been through a lot of attacks, but God is blessing it like crazy! I guess it is true that people will attack you if you are truly following God. Then my business...... well, I just can't say enough there. I've had a couple of promotions and I am working toward the next. God has used this business to grow me in so many ways and I now see why I am doing it. The people I am meeting, both to work with and serve, are just blessing my socks off!

Anyway, my life is going great! Yes, there are some things that are not great, like losing friends for reasons I just can't comprehend. It hurts me to my core to be away from them, but I can't really do any more than I did. I know that we all love the Lord and we will be rejoicing together in Heaven one day, so I take joy in that! And girls, if you read this, I miss you so much, my heart aches for you both. I love you!

Hopefully I will keep up with some blogging now, but don't hold your breath, haha. I will for sure try to remember to update when baby Liam is born! I will for sure post a picture of Liam and Faith together in their "Grandma's Qtpie" shirts I had made for them!