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July 30, 2009

Busy summer

Wow, life is just so busy! I am not used to this anymore, lol. I blame Kaytlin. Just kidding! We do have a lot of stuff to do with her being a princess, however, it has slowed down a lot since June. We have a parade to drive the float in on both Sunday and Thursday, then we are done for August.
Hope-Anne is involved in an art program at a local church and it is a really amazing program. She is making a chair, a full sized chair! Plus she has learned some cake decorating, origami, tie-dying and painting with paintballs.

Then comes my 20th class reunion. Then camping with Donnie's Promise Keepers group. Cody and Hope-Anne are going to Maine to visit their grandma and our guest from France will go back home. School shopping and finding curriculum if I choose to homeschool Cody and Hope-Anne this year.
Sound fun? LOL

Sam has decided he is no longer potty trained. About the time the puppy came in the house. Seems weird, because I am not paying much attention to the puppy, and I am a good deal of Sam's world, so I don't think it is jealousy.

I found a way to get the puppy to stop using my house as his toilet. I bought a play yard that is the size of 6 baby gates put together for $65 and he hasn't had an accident in the house since. Now if only it were that easy with Sam........

July 26, 2009

Wedding cake pictures

I think the cake turned out pretty well, though I am not all that happy with it. I notice all the flaws, and thanks to Donnie, I notice more flaws than I noticed on my own. He's so helpful like that.

The families loved it, and the bride and groom thought it tasted fantastic, and that is all that matters, right? Good. Cause I wasn't happy with it. Can you see the biggest flaw, the one that makes me cringe?

July 25, 2009

Of course

I got my cake done and I think I will be happy with it when I get it put together later today. But is my camera anywhere to be found? NO, of course not. I'm going to have to tear the house apart before I leave because I want a picture of it.

On a fun note, which I still wish I could have found my camera for, we had karaoke last night. A few months ago my dear friend Jeannie got a bunch of clothes from her sister and offered to let Jody, Anna, Sarah (funny that we are all bloggers) and I go through them with her. We were going over to her house to try them on, so she left a little message on Facebook: "I'm cleaning my house for a plus size fashion show." Yes, she called her dearest friends FAT on facebook. Do you think we were going to let that go even if she didn't use our names? Oh, no, of course not!


Recently Jeannie got a few new CD's for karaoke and on one of them was just the right song for our revenge. We plotted for a month or two, but finally decided we were going to do it, and add dancing to it. We got together and made up some choreography, bought some props and had a plan. Unfortunately we only had one practice session, but we still went ahead with it. We had Donnie sing the song I'm Fat by Weird Al while we danced and shoved Hostess cakes in our mouths and then flashed the letters F A T ! at her from under our hoodies.

Only problem.............

This was the month that a bunch of new people decided to show up. Oh, yes, of course there were new people there when we humiliate ourselves. One of them our former mayor. But everyone thought it was funny, even if they didn't know why we were dedicating it to Jeannie from her plus sized models. The kids really thought it was funny, lol.

I think next time we decide to get back at someone that we need to do it in a way that doesn't humiliate US and amuse them, lol.

July 24, 2009

Kids and Cake

I am making a wedding cake for this weekend. It is always fun making a wedding cake. But add kids to the mix and you have a lot more fun. Not.
I got the base layer done, the middle layer is going to be fake, and I was putting the filling in the top layer when I turned around to get the top layer and found Sam leaning over and taking bites out of it. I decided I would finish it in the morning, lol. So, back to the drawing board and I overloaded the cake pans and now there is smoke filling my house. I'll have to re-bake the bottom layer so that it doesn't taste smoky.

Sound fun?

July 20, 2009

The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn

I love to read, especially Christian romance books. I adore authors like Beverly Lewis and Cindy Woodsmall. There is a new author that has made her way into my top 3 authors with ONE book. I'm not just saying that because she hooks me up with free books all the time.

I've been working with Liz for a long, long time reviewing books, and when she asked me to review her new book, her first book, I was honored. However, I was expecting something along the lines of the old Harlequin novels where many romance authors get their start. They practice, get better, gain an audience, and then make it bigger. That is what I expected.

What I got was The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn.

Liz Johnson did an amazing job in the writing of this book! I could not put it down! I even read it during Kaytlin's Baccalaureate. I had to know what would happen to Kenzie and Myles while they were hiding from the police behind a dumpster. Kidnapping, FBI, prison, feisty heroine, hot hero.......

I don't want to spoil any part of this book for a reader, but I will tell you that this is one of the best books I've read and Liz Johnson is on my list of authors I have to read every book she writes.
Go buy this book!

Myles Parsons is just another inmate in Kenzie Thorn’s GED course until he kidnaps her, offering only a feeble explanation–that he’s actually FBI Special Agent Myles Borden. Terrified, Kenzie doesn’t want to believe his story of being undercover to protect her. Moreover, she can’t believe that someone might really want her dead.
But just when Myles thinks he has her out of harm’s way, his plans start to fall apart. He attempts to take Kenzie to a safe house—but the stubborn woman won’t go! So together they must uncover the clues that will reveal a most shocking perpetrator. All the while Myles tries to keep his distance from Kenzie … but finds himself falling in love.

About the Author:
Liz Johnson grew up reading Christian fiction, and always dreamed of being part of the publishing industry. After graduating from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff with a degree in public relations, she set out to fulfill her dream. In 2006 she got her wish when she accepted a publicity position at a major trade book publisher. While working as a publicist in the industry, she decided to pursue her other dream-becoming an author. Along the way to having her novel published, she completed the Christian Writers Guild apprentice course and wrote articles for several magazines. Liz lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she enjoys theater, ice skating, volunteering in her church's bookstore and making frequent trips to Arizona to dote on her nephew and three nieces. She loves stories of true love with happy endings. The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn is her first novel. Keep up with Liz's adventures in writing at

Thanks, Sam.

Yesterday Drew and I were showing each other some funny things online and I was showing him a blog called Cake Wrecks. Super funny sometimes.
We came across a post titled "Does this cake make me look fat?"
I read it aloud "Does this cake make me look fat?"
And Sam, without looking, said "Yeah."

Just to test him, I asked a few more times through the day and he always said "Yeah." So there you have it, no more cake for me.

July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Doesn't that look like Trinity and Sam? LOL That is me and my brother, Shane.

July 14, 2009

Why does life seem to fly by?

When I had a bunch of little ones the days seemed endless, lol. Now they are flying by at lightening speed.
My house if full of kids, and loud and wonderful. We took the kids camping with some of our church family.

Be prepared to be tired, you will get worn out just reading this, lol.

Kaytlin had princess duties all weekend so she couldn't come with us, but she wanted us to leave her a good car, since we were taking hers. (bigger trunk and holds one more person) So we left her our good car and took the beater that the kids and Donnie have been working on for a couple of years now. (I don't think they've ever had it running longer than a couple of weeks)

We haven't camped in years and found out that our camp stove doesn't work as we were packing up the cars. So we were heading to the store to get one on our way to the camp. I was going to meet Donnie there. I got there ahead of him and waited. He didn't show up. Sure enough we got a call. "The muffler fell off the car in the alley." Isn't that a sign to NOT GO?

Donnie tied the muffler up while I bought a grill.

Half way there the lights and electrical things in the car started flickering so Donnie couldn't stop anywhere or the car would die. Fun times. But he made it all the way to the camp site without it dying. Sure enough it wouldn't start again.

We set up in the rain, but it wasn't too bad. Then it stopped and we talked my fake son Brian into trying "Chubby Bunny" with ginormous marshmallows. It was pretty hysterical, lol.

The kids had a good time sitting around the campfire.

I went home the first night to get ready for our house guest from France. I wanted to be able to clean without little kids trashing behind me. Sam ended up coming with me, he didn't much like the whole tent thing.
The next morning I went back and we had fun swimming at the pool and exploring the river and visiting with friends. But I had to leave for the airport in the afternoon to pick up David from France. That went well and we made it back to the camp about 9PM. (David is in the red shirt holding the puppy)

The kids enjoyed playing "Spoons" for awhile and then they went "Snipe hunting."

I wanted to stay at the camp grounds and visit around the campfire, but Sam went spastic and wanted to go home. I didn't want him screaming for hours at 11PM, so I took him home, and Devon and Trinity wanted to go home, too. So I missed out on most of the big campfire. Donnie was on fire fighting duty as they made the fire way too big and way too hot and kept setting fire to the grass around the ring. In fact, the they got it so hot that the ring was glowing and a marshmallow set near it burst into flames!
Then came the next day. I didn't bring the kids back with me, they were worn out, so Devon watched them. Turned out great because we barely had enough room for the rest of us and our stuff in two cars.
We did manage to get everything packed into the two cars and even managed to get Donnie's car started with a jump. But while checking out we couldn't find Brian and during that time the car died. We did finally find Brian in the shower, apparently a 45 minute shower. Not that he didn't need it, but geez! I didn't know where he was!
The car did start again with another jump and we made it quite a ways going 4o mph with the car making funny noises and jerking along. It was actually kind of funny for awhile, even the when the car died just before our church and I pushed him into the parking lot with Kaytlin's car and gave him another jump start.
But then it died again at the end of the block. I had to turn around on the road facing the wrong way to give him another jump. I was pretty annoyed at this point. I had wanted to just run home and get a battery out of a different car, but nooooooooo.
So the kids and I started betting on where the car would break down again. I figured we'd get to the grocery store around the corner and Brian thought they'd make it to McDonald's, which is about a block further. The car died at the stop light between them, lol.
The boys all had to push the car out of the main road so I could give him another jump. But did he have them stop in an out of the way place? Nope. Right in a side road so that I had to turn backwards and block traffic. I was beyond annoyed at this point. It was no longer funny. But Donnie did make it home that time. It was about 6 blocks and he just didn't stop for stop signs.
As I pull in behind him our neighbor/mechanic was talking to Donnie about what could be wrong with it that causes the battery to not charge. (the alternator does work and the battery is good according to the stores) Then I find out that he had offered HIS car to us for the weekend so this wouldn't happen and Donnie turned him down! And on top of that, Kaytlin never touched the car all weekend.
So, it was partly fun, and partly frustrating, but we made it through our camping trip and have a foreign house guest for a month. Plus the stupid but cute puppy. Fun times!
Next up...
Kaytlin's grad party.

July 08, 2009

Guitar Hero for the DS!

Guitar Hero has got to be our family's favorite video game to play together, we LOVE it! When I heard it was coming out in a more portable version I was very excited. Guitar Hero now has 3 versions available for the Nintendo DS. That makes game playing possible while traveling. Sweet! But who gets to play? Well, with a couple of DS systems and even mixing the Guitar Hero systems, the kids can play together. That makes for fun, peaceful car rides.

Mom Central and Guitar Hero sent us Guitar Hero On Tour Mondern Hits and Guitar Hero On Tour to try out and play together. (Decades is the 3rd title) What fun!

The Modern Hits version lets kids rock out to their favorite hits, while the On Tour and Decades versions allow us parents to jam to OUR favorite tunes.

When we opened the packages we loved the way that the controllers were so customizable. You can change the look of the controller with a new panel, or use the super cool stickers on it.
I was very uncertain about how the controllers would feel because you have to hold the game differently to be able to use it and the enclosed pick. But the kids picked right up on it and loved it. They said it was very easy to get used to.
Cody and a friend of his played the two versions together. One person is the host and gets to choose the songs from his game. In order to switch to the other version they had to switch hosts. But it was really easy to get the games to sync up, all wireless, so no need for more cords.

The only thing that disappointed me was that we cannot play the games on the Nintendo DSi because you need a Game Boy Advance port on the system. We ended up having to borrow a system to get to try out the joint play. (that is more the fault of Nintendo making the DSi)

Between the kids who played they gave it a 7-8 on a scale of 1-10. The problem for them was that the strumming didn't always register ever strum, causing poor scores sometimes. The game is fun, the songs are awesome, and the controller is easy to work. We love this Guitar Hero version almost as much as the version with the whole band. We will definitely enjoy this for summer travel times.

A big thank you to Mom Central and Guitar Hero from the Qtpies family!

July 07, 2009

I wish I had my camera!

Kaytlin took my camera on vacation with her, so I am stuck with a super cute puppy and no camera.

I'm really thrilled with the effect the puppy is having on Samuel, he is keeping his underwear on almost all the time now. If he comes out without any I frantically say "Quick! Get your undies on or Parker might bite you!" Parker IS a puppy, and he DOES chew on the kids when he can, so Sam believes it. Sam hates it when Parker play bites.

Sam also does not like to be chased by Parker. I let them play outside while I hang laundry on the line. Parker jumps on Sam, Sam runs, Parker chases. Sam runs to Cody "Coey, Marker ldfoisdfn osfdine." (we don't understand it all) He tattles on Parker, whom he calls Marker, and then he keeps running from Parker. Finally he runs in the house to get away, lol. Parker waits outside the door and when Sam opens it to see if it is safe to come out, Parker parks excitedly for his playmate to come back out. Sam slams the door.

Ah, but when Parker is napping! Sam loves a sleeping puppy. I set Sam on the couch and charge him with holding Parker for his nap, and there Sam sits, and I don't have to worry about him destroying what I am cleaning!

I am totally in love with how he calls Parker "Marker." If we ask him to say "parker" he can. But if we ask him what the puppy's name is, "Marker" or "Dog."

All in all, I say it is worth all the many trips to go potty all through the night, that Cody has to do, lol.

July 06, 2009

New Puppies....... cute

Parker is a cute puppy, and yes, he is needing some housetraining, but he brings some great benefits to our house that have endeared him to me. Parker is going to be great birth control for Cody, if he were stupid enough to try going behind my back and dating. Cody has the sole responsibility for taking Parker potty, even every 2 hours through the night. He is having to learn how to house train, crate train, and teach Parker not to bite the kids or chew on things that are not his. Or to dig on my couch. Cody is learning to be a parent, hehe.
But the big bonus we have seen is that Sam now keeps his underwear on at all times. It may be that Parker's mouth is at just the right level to get something the swings around like a chew toy. Or it may have something to do with me telling him Parker will bite it if he doesn't keep his undies on, haha! Parker was attacking Sam's thigh, and Sam didn't like that, so I think he believes me. Whatever it takes to get him to stay dressed!
Parker is supposedly an American Bull Dog (believable) mixed with a miniature pincher (not believable). Parker is adorable and quit endearing. To everyone but my dog, Oreo. Oreo does like his food, though.

July 05, 2009

Can I have it?

So many times as parents we have found ourselves giving in to our children's pleading and let them have something they desired, even when we knew it was not going to turn out well. I want my children to be happy. But are we giving in when we shouldn't be?

"Daddy, please? I'll take care of it and love it and do everything for it and you won't even know it is here!"
"Mommy, please? I won't get hyper and I will eat all my supper, I promise!"
"Can I go? Please? I will do my chores when I get home, I promise! I don't want to miss this and I have to leave now. I promise I will do my chores when I get back! I'll even do extra chores!"

We know that they are not going to follow through, why do we give in?

If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a
stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent? Or if he
shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? If ye then, being evil, know how
to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father
give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him? Luke 11:11-13

Does God parent like we do? Or more accurately, are we parenting like God does? Sure, if our children are asking for food, we should give them good foods, but what about the other things? Does God give in to our begging and pleading knowing that we are not going to keep our promises? Why? He knows we aren't going to follow through. I know that I have done that with God.

The results of our wanting to give good gifts to our children will be arriving at our house this afternoon in the form of a puppy. I KNOW that Cody is not going to take complete care of him. But we said yes anyway. What is wrong with us?

July 01, 2009

Our "Annonymous" vandals

We woke up this morning and found 3 of our cars vandalized. They were quite vicious in their vandalizing, too. Evil, evil people must have done this destructive act.
Here is what they have done to Kaytlin's car:
The driver's side.

The back window.
The passenger rear window.

Here is what they did to my car.
The rear window.
The side window.

And here is Donnie's car.
Emily and Cedie have been falsely accused, since they have alibis, they were in Finland last night. However, they KNOW who the vandals are and are aiding and abetting them. They are going to generously clean up after the vandals for $.25 a window, though. So kind, huh?