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December 31, 2007

Ringing in the New Year by purging the bad

We've had a great party planned for months now. We all are were heading over to Dan and Jody's house for humongous size TV and great food and lots of laughing. That would be the three musketeers and our token old lady, plus our families.
But then we changed our plans. Sarah's family and my family will be ringing in the new year catching and cleaning puke. We both have had to scrub our couches in the last 12 hours. And Jeannie has kids and grandkids coming, so may not be able to get away.
Trinity seems to be past the puking, but now Sam has started. And I have been fighting nausea for a couple of days. It may be a lost cause.
For now I can still blog, so I will!
Happy new year!

December 30, 2007

My Christmas Blessing

A few years ago the only thing I had from my grandparents, a ceramic Christmas ornament with Grandpa's handwriting on it, broke. I held onto those broken pieces. Storing them on top of my desk, where I would occassionally uncover them and start to cry. I missed my Grandpa so much. And then my Grandpa pass away. I was given nothing of hers. I was sad, but things don't take the pain away, anyways.
But then my dad called me recently and said he had gone to bat for me and got Grandma's nativity set for me. I didn't have it to display this year, but when Dad and Ma brought me in their room and showed me the set. And then Ma asked if I had a stable for it, which I didn't, but she had one in her closet!
I cried as I unwrapped each piece. So, this is the set, except the angel isn't part of it. I got it for Christmas and just added it to the set.

Next year I will have to get somewhere high and closed off to display this, becuase I don't want to think about how much crying I would do if one of these carefully preserved pieces broke. I even have the original boxes they came in!

A swing and a miss

I am proud to be a Christian. I want my kids to be proud to be a Christian. You have to teach them from birth, if possible, so that they will love God and love His Word and His ways. Everything can be used to teach your children about the King.

Last night Trinity was forced to sleep in our bed, where Samuel already sleeps, because she has sort of been misplaced with some bedroom switching we've been doing with the kids. She really wanted to "sleep" on the couch where some kids were watching TV. So she starts in with "I'm scared of in here." I know she isn't scared, she usually wants to sleep in our room. But I'm a good mom and I use this as a teaching tool.

You don't need to be afraid, not only do you have Daddy and Mommy here with you, but God is bigger than the Boogie Man and he lives here too.
"God lives here, not the boogieman." Pipes in Donnie.
No, God lives far away.
God lives in your heart, sweetie.
No! God lives in Heaven.
Yes, but God's Spirit lives here, and He is in this room with us!
I don't see Him.
We can't see God with our eyes, but we know He is here. Like your brain. Do you have a brain?
Yes, you do have a brain! It's in your head. Can you see it?
No. (teehee)
Does Mommy have a brain?
Can you see my brain?
That is like God, he is here, but you can't see him. Oh, and blood! Do you have blood?
Can you see it?
But its there inside of you?
God is like that. You can't see Him but he is there.

She's getting it, so I swing one more at her:

And air. Air is here, but we can't see it. Can you see air?
I can see the air in Hope-Anne's room!

And a miss.........

Can't argue with the truth.

December 28, 2007

What happened to Kaytlin?

Kaytlin went to spend the night with her friends looking like this. Gorgeous, long hair.

She came home like this! Sassy short hair! She donated her hair to Locks of Love.

More holiday happenings and Quelf, of course!

We were playing Quelf on Christmas Eve, Donnie, my brother Shane, his wife Sam, my Ma (step-mom), and I.
Donnie and Shane had to play leap frog. They had to each do 5 leaps over the other. Which meant two times through the living room.

We were quite amused watching two grown men playing leap frog. One a Computer professional and one a nuclear scientist. Yes, that is funny!

Then there was me sitting on Sam's lap while wearing her sock on my hand, that I named Friendly Freddie, and holding Ma's hand, who was hiding under the table in her fort. Shane had to keep one hand on the floor at all times when it wasn't his turn.
And here is Ma under the table holding Friendly Freddie.
Plus, here is proof that my letter to Santa just ticked him off because my butt is NOT that big. Instead of being nice and making me look SMALLER in my pictures this holiday season, he made me look BIGGER than I am.
Since Elizabeth F. Thought I did not look like I've had seven kids, I thought I'd show the pics that prompted me to write that fatal letter to Santa. See the width on me here? That is bad enough, but then there was this monstrosity:

The dreaded double chin.
Not liking that look at all. Thankfully it is winter and I was wearing long sleeves or we might have seen the arm flapping, too.

Back to Quelf.
I was sitting on Sam's lap, holding Ma's hand. Donnie and Shane were holding hands. (you had to hold hands when you are on the same square of the game) Ma was still under the table in her fort.
Shane made the move to the winners square. In order to win you have to play a red card, which is a choice of two topics. Everyone plays the red card, you go around thinking of something that fits the topic until someone repeats an answer or can't think of an answer. The person in the winner's spot has to come up with two answers per turn.
So it starts: Shane says "Chicken and frog legs" or something like that. There was quail, and rattle snake, and I said Rocky Mountain Oysters, which ticked Shane off, but he can't prove they don't taste like chicken, I heard they taste like chicken, and everyone else said it was a fine answer. Finally it came back around to Shane, and we'd gone through most birds already, including roadrunner, dove, Cornish game hens, pheasants, so Shane says "Turkey and Penguin." I started cracking up! Sam started yelling at Shane that Penguin does NOT taste like chicken.
Shane: How do you know?
Sam: Because I've had it!
Shane: You have NOT!
Sam: How do you know?
Donnie: Shane might have had penguin.
(Shane is a naval sub officer, he can't always tell where he's been, so maybe? LOL)
Lisa: I think its a great answer! Let him have it.
Shane: She chose Rocky Mountain Oysters, I can say Penguin!
Sam: You are NOT winning on Penguin!
Oh my goodness, it went on and on, as I lay on the floor rolling back and forth laughing and laughing.
Sam does not lose, even if she is the last person to come to the finish line, she won the game. I started to argue with her and my piece came off the board and I was kicked out of the game! LOL
Anyways, it was a blast. You all need Quelf. Everyone should play this game. We now have four copies in our family. I have one, my mom bought one, I gave one to Ma for Christmas and Shane and Sam bought one.

December 27, 2007

My holiday

I blogged about our immediate family Christmas celebration, and it was nice. The kids were all actually pleasant MOST of the day. Well, at least after I went hoarse from screaming at them to shut up.
Sunday we drove 45 miles per hour to Donnie's sister's house. We had great little snacky foods. I made little penguins out of black olives, carrots and dip, so cute! (Devon later killed them, but that's another story.) We had so much fun watching Sam and Austin. They both loved walking around pulling the tissue paper out of the gift bags. They didn't much care about the presents. Sam loved Austin's toy from Uncle Dean and Austin loved Sam's toy from Uncle Dean. We had fun being goofy, and watched the Vikings football game. I am pretty sure Daryl and Daphne loved the AB CD shirt we gave Austin from Trendy Tadpoles, they sure did laugh about it. We had a great time.
I really enjoyed my family the most though. We all met at my dad's house. Thankfully three of us "kids" live in the area, or it would have been bad. All 5 of us kids were there, 4 with a spouse, and all 17 of the grandkids were there, too. So, 28 people all together. We should have tried to get a picture, but it was mass chaos.
Donnie was working, so he kind of had to hole up in the bedroom, but he popped his head out from time to time, like for the Klub and lefse, and the presents. We had spent Christmas eve overnight and opened stockings there. And we had so much fun that Cody and Hope-Anne didn't want to leave, so those two and I stayed another night and day. Without Sam and Trinity! I had a day without little ones!
Ok, on to the fun. Oh, I knew I should have been taking notes all weekend, because so many funny things happened that I said I was going to blog. I think I dropped something and quickly said "That didn't happen." as all eyes were on me, and my sister in law Samantha busted up laughing. At least I amused her! She's wonderful, she brightens up our family. I wish I could remember what she said that cracked me up.
I got Ma Quelf for Christmas. She is definitely going to love it! Her sisters are a crazy bunch, so I know they will have as much fun with it as we did.
Ok, so we are opening presents. One. By. One. for 28 people. We get to the end, the biggie. The Little Giant ladder for the Big Kahuna. This is what his face looked like. Yes. He didn't even crack a smile. Well, gee, lets all spend $200 on dad again next year. Ma was ticked. Turns out he thought all along that he was getting some sort of topper for his truck, and was in shock that he was wrong. Believe me, that is a big deal for Dad. The fact that the ladder sat in the main part of the house in plain site and he didn't see it made it even funnier for us and maddening for him, lol.
I had such a great time visiting with my family. My sister gave me a beautiful heart shaped piece of glass with a lovely sentimental Sisters poem in it. So not like her, I loved it, it is totally me, but threw me that she bought it! But was was funny was that the night before she had been talking about how I always beat her up when she was little! I didn't beat her up. I may have slapped her once or twice, but I never beat her up. Slapping isn't OK, but for the record I didn't beat her up. The boys did that. Not that she didn't have it coming, because she did. She's like 27 and still called "The Brat."
As soon as we decided to play Quelf my brother Chris jumped up and started packing up the kids as fast as he could. That turned into some teasing, until he turned mighty red. He couldn't take Quelf, no way.
Shane and Samantha being here was great, but it was extra wonderful that they had both of their boys for Christmas this year. I had never met Cameron, Samantha's son, and I hadn't seen Ethan in years and years.
Dad and Shane took Cody four wheeling on the lake and then took Hope-Anne snowmobiling. Then we finally came home. It was great.

I'm back from vacation!

Hopefully I will have time for a "real" post today.
Santa must have thought I was not a good girl because my pictures look even more fat than before I posted my letter to him. Wonder what I ever did to him? See if I leave him milk and cookies.
Oh, wait, we don't believe in Santa here. I guess that could be why........

I had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas. I spent a lot of time with family, and for the most part it was tension free and a blast. At one point I was literally ROFLOL. Yes, I was on the floor laughing, in a skirt, tears pouring out of my eyes, rolling back and forth, laughing out loud. All over a penguin. It was great! I'll post about it later, though.
For now I need to get back to babysitting. I've done enough damage in that area today. I smacked one of the kids I babysit in the head with the TRUNK. I feel HORRID. He is fine, though. Actually very little blood, and for a head wound, that is amazing. He didn't even cry for a whole minute, but I felt so bad. I'll explain how it happened later when they are down for a nap.

December 24, 2007

Christmas pictures tell the whole truth

Wouldn't you think Christmas pictures would just tell you what you want to hear? Where is Santa when you need his magic?

Dear Santa,
I am heading to my dad's for Christmas, and I know there are going to be many cameras snapping pictures. Would you please not bring me a present and instead let those pictures show my skinny cheerleader body instead of the one that looks like I've had seven children?
Thanks so much!

Grandpa Gas

Yes, it is what it sounds like.

Last night on the way home from Donnie's sister's house there was a Great Odor. Oh, Lord, please, please do not let Grandpa have had diarrhea in his pants! Please No!

I was desperately wanting to open the window, but I didn't want to embarrass grandpa. I look over at Donnie through my teary eyes and he has his thick-gloved hands over his nose, disguised as scratching his mustache. Mmm-hmmm, its bad. And it wasn't him.

None of the kids fessed up, either, nor did they make a comment, as bad as it was. Normally they start screeching "Cody!" Not one word. Oh that is bad, it has to be Grandpa.

That was not the only time it happened on the trip, either.

We dropped Grandpa off and sent Cody up to make sure he could get the door opened, under the guise of getting some presents so Grandpa wouldn't be mad that we are helping him. While he was gone we started talking about the gas.

Hope-Anne chimed in how she had to sit by him on the way to Daphne's. She'd hear a low "shhhhhhhhhh" and then the smell. It was horrendous. She did not sit by him on the way home. But it didn't matter because the smell was worse.

I'm going to spider web a bit before finishing my story. Hope-Anne and Donnie both have told tales about the dangers of walking BEHIND grandpa. Toot. Toot toot. Tooooot. Rotten odor.

Back to story.

Cody gets back in the van and we head home. Then the smell happened again. Cody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we were blaming poor old Grandpa!!!!!!

We should have known when it was bad enough to make our eyes water. Cody's farts always smell like something crawled up his butt and died. And the are ALWAYS Silent, but Deadly. Yes, Cody has perfected the SBD.

Cody "I had to do it."

December 23, 2007

Random stuff

I totally want to buy this necklace! LOL It tickles my funny bone! I am hoping to win it at superdumb supervillain. They are made from Shrinky Dinks! I haven't won anything recently, so I think I may be up for a win. I'd rather win a Wii, but I'll gladly take this prize.

I was snapping pics last night (my camera was in the car, so all my pics had a haze over them until the camera warmed up, lol.)
Trinity spontaneously gave me this cheesy smile and "gang sign" that I didn't even notice, but Drew thought was funny, as you can tell by his big grin.
Here is a closeup of her little sign. I don't know where that came from, but it was funny.
Oh, and her cheesy grin is cute, too.
Last night when the boys came in with Grandpa we were all watching Sam because he was watching Grandpa. I looked at him and he was chewing on something. I was cooking, so I didn't give him anything.
I picked him up to try to see what he was chewing on, but he would NOT let me see. So I tried to sniff his breath, just as he decided to cough it into my face. It was cat food. Soggy, mushy cat food. In my face. Nice. That is all we need, more fishy poop in his diaper, lol.
Sam also said Kaytlin's name yesterday! It was so cute, so I tried to get him to say it where Kaytlin could hear it. She was trying to get him to say it "I'm Kaytlin, you are Sam. What's my name?" He wouldn't answer her. So she said "Who am I?" And Sam said "Who'r you?" We busted up laughing! LOL
And then this morning I let him open another present because he didn't want to open them all last night. I asked him "Sam, do you want to open another present?" He said "Yeah."
I think he's on a roll and maybe will start talking soon.
I'm hoping to start putting funny things he says in here instead of funny things he eats. (cat food, cat poop, cat litter, his own poop, Christmas bulbs.)

One Down, Two To Go!

We opened our presents from each other in our house last night. We have so much going on that we needed to get through it, lol. We are not usually so busy at Christmas!
Tonight we go to Donnie's sister's and then on Monday we head to my dad's to play on Monday and then have Christmas on Tuesday. My brother and his wife and thier two kids are coming, we haven't seen the boys in ages, and have never met one of the boys, so we want an extra day there.
We had a Christmas goose, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn, stuffing, italian bread, and Rommegrot (a Norwegian pudding, sort of like a milk soup). It was nice.
So, here are some pics from our first Christmas dealy-bobber, lol.
Sam's got bored with the opening and climbed in this empty box, lol.

This dinosaur was probably Sam's favorite present. It roars and stomps and walks around. He also got a little remote control car that he loves. His little car noises are funny!

Kaytlin got just what she wanted from Drew, a jewelry box. Perfect for the ring I gave her that I won at on a random acts of bling giveaway!

Donnie wanted this book, which I had planned to give to Drew. But since Drew got a pretty fantastic gift, I decided to give it to Donnie. Drew is going to fight him for it, though. Just as I thought would happen.

Every year we choose a kid and it is "their year" for a gift. Meaning they get what they want. Drew got a laptop. He kind of knew he was getting it. I should have done what I planned and gave him something else with a note to find it so he thought he didn't get it.

Devon was excited to get the new Pirates movie. He really wanted it, but didn't tell us, lol. He also got Axis and Allies on PC, which he loved.

Kaytlin bought Hope-Anne this cute shirt. I gave her a whole box of clothes I won from Hanes, too, so she made out, plus all the other gifts she got, lol.

Drew bought this great and fitting shirt for Cody, who schools at home on the computer and frequently is found playing video games instead of doing his work. And we, of course, got him a computer game.

I got a ring and a shirt, but my favorite is this robe. Kaytlin and I have been drooling over a robe at Bath and Body Works, but it is $80!!! So she searched and searched and found this robe with a price tag she could afford! I love, love, love it! It is a Sonoma brand. I wish I didn't have to get dressed today, because I am loving it.
Trinity got a lot of playdoh and with every package she got just as excited, lol. She Also loved her Princess backpack with matching coloring books and crayons and markers, and the pajamas that she picked out. This was the best year for her, she sat patiently waiting for her turn to open and enjoyed everything. She was a brat all day long, and then wonderful for presents!

December 22, 2007

I'm behind, as usual

I haven't signed or addressed my Christmas cards yet! LOL I have done them for local friends, and my family we just give them to each other on Christmas. But the rest of the people I send to? Not gonna get it in time. But I guess that is fine, since only a couple of people sent me a card this year. Which is strange since I usually get a lot of cards. Maybe everyone is behind this year? Or people only send me a card if I send one first?
I could get a complex if I thought through this too hard.

Tonight is our home Christmas. We were trying to figure out when we'd open our gifts to each other. Sunday we are going to Donnie's family. Monday Donnie works, so the kids and I are going to my dad's and Donnie will join us in the evening and we'll stay for Christmas Day. Donnie works Christmas Day, too, but is going to be able to work from home, so he will be at my dad's but could be busy working. So, even though Donnie works today, he will be home early, like 6pm, so we'll cook up our Christmas goose and have a nice supper and open presents here.
Donnie's dad is in town, so we are going to have him over, but otherwise it is just us. He will enjoy watching the kids open their presents.
Oh, speaking of Phillip, he is so funny. Every time Donnie goes over there to check on him he makes Donnie take gas money. He lives 3 blocks away. His apartment window looks right down our street. He also wasn't going to go to his daughter's house for Christmas because he doesn't have gas money. He also doesn't have a working car! We are going, we are taking him. I think he just doesn't want to ever leave the house. Like tonight. He doesn't want us to come get him if the weather is bad. It is snowing, so we might not be able to get him. Three blocks away. But I know he wants to have some Christmas Goose.

It looks like a winter wonderland here. There is already close to an inch of snow! At 8am. Let me clarify. An inch MORE snow than there already was. We haven't had this much snow on Christmas in years and years! Love it! (as long as I don't have to go out it in, I like to look out the window at it)

Oh, and last night I found out a good friend of mine is going to have a baby, and I am rooting for an August 5th birthday. She could name her Lisa, too, if she wanted. But she already has a name picked out, so that probably won't happen. Ohh, she could name her Sarah Lisa, that flows nicely! Doesn't it, Sarah? Oh, yes, that is what Jody should name her new little baby!
I'm so glad I am going to be able to get my baby fix. I need one!

Ok, off to get things ready for all our Christmas celebrations coming up! I have to find and wash clothes for everyone to pack them. Clean the house for tonight. Prepare the food, including figuring out plum pudding since Donnie wants it and I don't want to make it but should. I have a little bit of shopping left to do, but I think it will have to wait, Donnie said I couldn't leave town. (because of the snow) I have some more wrapping to do. I'm not sure what I have for stocking stuffers. I'll probably have to bring those to my dad's.

Oh, we don't do Santa, but my step-mom always does it for us. This year Trinity found out about Santa and thinks he's coming. I couldn't tell her the truth because I babysit and they believe. I'm kind of ignoring Santa, but she'll be getting a Santa present at Grandpa's house. I won't have to disappoint her. (I'm not allowed to poo-poo Santa at Grandma's) I think last year she even hired a Santa to come give us gifts. And made all of us sit on his lap. That was funny. My brothers and my husband were all friends with the guy in high school, so they plopped right on him. I wonder if she'll do it this year. She usually warns me because I don't do Santa.
Ok, enough rambling. I need to get dressed before my goose gets delivered and I'm in a robe that doesn't have a tie.

December 21, 2007

Starbucks surprise

I took Kaytlin to see a specialist in the twin cities today, and when we were finally done, we stopped at Starbucks so she could get a reward after the x-rays and blood draw.
I was on the phone, and had the twins I babysit, so I stayed in the car.
Soon Kaytlin came out grinning and rather pink tinged. She finally said "Would you get off the phone so I can tell you what happened?"
Ok, then!
She went in to the store to order and the guy said "Are you ready to order?" and she said "I'd like an apple spiced cider tall." and he said "No." Kaytlin said "What?" while thinking "Does this guy have mental problems?" (I'm thinking, this guy is flirting with my daughter) He said no to her twice and then said "You didn't know what to do did you?" "No." Then he starts asking her what she's up to today and that he's sorry she isn't feeling well (from having to go to the doctor) and asked what she's doing over Christmas. Finally he asks if she's available later today because he gets off at such and such a time. LOL She said "I'm OK, thanks."
Apparently he was a very cute, buff black college age man, and Kaytlin was thrilled to have his attention.
But she doesn't date. Nor would I have allowed her to date a college guy or a stranger from Starbucks.
But I'm glad he flattered her so. She doesn't realize how gorgeous she is.

You know I had fun with this. So much fun, in fact, that I learned how to text message. Well, sort of learned, Kaytlin helped me a lot. I texted Drew in class and told him "Kay got hit on by a college guy" then texted him again "and he was cute." Then I called him during lunch and he said "You learned to text just to tell me that? You realize that now I have to go hunt down and kill a guy I don't know."
Donnie didn't react as strongly, only because he knew she'd say no.

I'm dreaming of a ski vacation

One day, when Donnie and I don't have children at home, we'd love to do some traveling and touristy things. We want to go on a cruise one day and we'd love to go on a European Ski vacation and stay in a cute little chalet, maybe in France.

A Courchevel chalet would be magnificent! Courchevel is a huge ski attraction, especially to the rich and famous.

I would love to stay in a darling chalet with a magnificent view of snow capped mountains. Even though they have well maintained ski trails and top of the line lifts, I would like to do what 25-30% of tourists do: NOT ski. That's right, I don't want to break a leg or an arm, or even my ribs.
But I would, however, love to sit by the fireplace and sip hot chocolate loaded with whipped cream with my husband. Spend some time in our room, do some touring, read without kids interrupting, dine on fantastic food and maybe even get out in the cold and have a snowball fight.
For Donnie's sake, I would possibly venture off on a little ski class and tackle the bunny hill.

Thank you Supertravel, for making this post possible!

December 20, 2007

Banning Christmas or serving everyone?

There is yet another AFA ban on a company because they insist on say Holiday instead of Christmas.
I am on board for fighting for Christianity. There is a battle going on to squelch our beliefs, I know that. But I really do not think this is the right battle.
Other faiths put up a tree and decorate it. As a matter of fact, it started with pagan beliefs. I know many Jewish families that put up a tree. So, really, isn't it a holiday tree, not just a Christmas tree?
I do not see how that is offensive or hurtful to Christians.
But I do see how our banning and fighting and screaming is hurtful to Christianity as a whole.
These companies have a reason, and they are not tossing out Christians, they are accommodating everyone. Should they label some trees as Christmas trees and some as Hanuka trees? Which ones would not be for Christmas?
The stores are decorated for the season. Christmas music is playing in many of the stores, and the salespeople are trying to not offend anyone, but we are taking offense to them. Us who are so loving and forgiving. Us who have much to forgive as much has been forgiven for us.
There is nothing to forgive here. Except them to forgive us for throwing such a huge tantrum, as big as the tantrum of the people they are trying to appease. And by appeasing them, they are not offending us, we are just being as immature and ridiculous as the other faiths or lack thereof.
I am sure there are some companies that want to do away with Christmas, but not all. If they are decorating for it and selling Christmas items, why do we think they are trying to do away with it? They are not. They are just trying to make everyone happy. Because people can't just put on their big girl panties and deal. (or their big men's boxers)
Let's treat these companies as we'd want to be treated. With respect and love. We most definitely should not be acting like the people that they are trying to appease.

December 19, 2007

I'm the mommiest

I just had to share the pics of the ornament that I fought for in the ornament exchange we had at our M.O.M.s group yesterday. It is so, so cute!
I love the cute little charms: a coffee cup, a box of heart candy, a baby in a carraige and a rose.
Our Christmas party was a lot of fun. My friend Cindy organized some great things for the kids to do, and we had some yummy food. And the wild ornament fight exchange.

December 18, 2007

A post where I whine for awhile

Feel free to bring out the cheese.
Or the tiny violin.
I found out there are worse things about ministry than not having anyone on the committee with you. Sometimes having people to work with can be worse. (most of the time not, but some days......)

I have a big issue with someone that I have tried to deal with but can't get through to. Even with mediation. Things go along well, and then a slap gets thrown out there. I don't like pretending things are fine when they are not.

And all that is about to get even more fun! Donnie is going to force Sam to sleep in his crib from now on and not allow me to sleep with him or take him out when he cries.
I think it is a horrible thing to do to a little kid. All he wants is his mom to snuggle and love on. He is terrified of his crib. He wakes up if we even walk in the room his crib is in. I know he hasn't even slept in there 12 times. He shakes in fright.

I had a fantastic day today, too. A lovely Christmas party this morning. I wore jingle bell earrings all day. I took Kaytlin to the doctor and even though we expected to have to wait nearly a year to get her in to see the pediatric specialist, we were feeling pretty good. I got a call before I even got home that out of all the patients they had called to set up an appointment for, Kaytlin's call they finally were told about the option to see the nurse practitioner pediatric GI specialist. And not only that, but that we could get in on FRIDAY. And it is closer than the University hospital! Totally a God-thing. I got the most adorable Christmas ornament in a crazy swap this morning, and it was a wild fight for it, too. There was even some crazy people hiding it in their shirt trying to make others forget she had it. Ahem, Sarah.
I'll have to take a pic because it is so unique and adorable! It suits me perfectly, too. There was also a crazy fight over a Flamingo and Palm Tree ornament.
I guess I should get off of here so I can continue to give my husband the cold shoulder alternated with dripping venom so he gets the hint that he is a mean, cruel barbarian making our poor defenseless son cry himself to sleep in a crib all alone in a room he is terrified of, just because.

Wordless Wednesday #48

This pic is actually thanks to my friend Jody who doesn't blog but spotted the sign over my shoulder and said I needed it for my blog. Good thing I rarely leave home without my camera!

December 17, 2007

Tottoos Winner

The winner of the Basic Package of Tottoos is Shama-Lama Mama!
I am really glad I was able to host this giveaway. When your child goes missing, it is a frightening experience. Anything that gets you to your child quickly is a huge blessing.

Why I haven't been blogging as much

I have been shopping!

I am almost done with my Christmas shopping! Really! This is a first for me!

I think I have 2 people left. I may think of someone I forgot, but I think that is it. Now for the wrapping.

I mailed my mom's off. Plus I did her shopping for her and wrapped and mailed those off. THAT was fun! Shopping is fun, but spending someone else's money is really fun!

I've also been off stamping with my friend Sarah, which has been a lot of fun for me. I was shopping with Jody, and since I rarely see her and miss her, that was a blessing.
Jody and I went to Chipotle's for supper, and I have never been there. I had no idea there was a burrito that was so thick it could stand up on end by itself.

Not to mention that it was such a perfect level of heat. Not enough that you can't taste anymore, but enough to make your nose run.
It has been a weekend.

December 16, 2007

Kids singing in church is always funny!

Trinity's class was to sing in church today. Just the 3-5 year olds, the rest are doing Christmas program later today.

Two of my best friends have children in that group, too. Jody and Sarah. Well, Jody has a really special child. He has an amazing vocabulary, and is very intelligent with absolutely no shyness. He is about to turn 4, the same age as Trinity.

After they sang the first song he turned around and started playing the drums. He always wants to go play them during church, and there was his big chance! So the teacher went up and redirected him to the FRONT of the group. Right in front of the microphone. He attempted to say something but we couldn't hear it. So they sang Away in a Manger, and it was adorable! After everyone got done clapping, DJ reaches up to the microphone, stands on his tip-toes and says "Any Questions?" as loud as you please!
We were rolling!
But it didn't end there. We went to Burger King with his family for lunch after church.
Donnie asked me for my tomatoes that I had picked off my chicken. DJ apparently doesn't eat tomatoes. He announced, very, very LOUDLY, "I DON'T EAT TOMATOES, THEY MAKE MY BUTT RED." He didn't say it just once, either. Because apparently our laughing meant we hadn't heard him. So he repeated it a couple of times.
It was great!
Ya'll, you need to tell Jody to start a blog! This is a daily occurrence for her. She reads my blog.

December 14, 2007

What to Expect this cold and flu season A Review

I think most of us are fans of the What to Expect When You are Expecting book and subsequent books. Now they have teamed up with Clorox to make a guide to help us avoid the colds and flu's going around this winter.
With all the hugging, kissing, handshaking and present swapping, germs are bound to spread like wildfire this time of year.
Mom Central sent me the little guide What to Expect Guide to a Healthy Home by Heidi Murkoff, which is a great little guide to not only making your home healthier, but also how to be healthier at the playground, public bathrooms, etc.
I think my favorite part was where it says that you can't get sick or diseased by sitting on the toilet, even that nasty one at the rest stop! I hate squatting over the seat, now I know that I don't have to. Which is good since I gave it up at 8 months pregnant.

Some of the great tips are already implemented at our house, but others were new to me.
When you use that public changing table you should not use the disposable paper covers alone, because germs can get through the paper. Put the paper down and then put your changing pad on top of that.
For the playroom, the best defense is a good offense. Have the kids always wash up BEFORE they play with toys, and wash the toys and play surfaces regularly. To keep sick germs off your stuffed animals, put them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer for 24 hours to kill germs.
If you would like a free down loadable copy of this booklet you can get it here. What to Expect Guide to a Healthy Home. The guide hits every room in the house, and even the day care. I am not a germophobe, but I appreciate every practical tip to keep our family from coming down with the flu. I was happy to learn about some ways to change things for the better for us. Maybe we won't spend this Christmas with our old friend The Flu.

December 13, 2007

Men, you do not want to read this.

No, seriously, it is really funny, but men do not want to read it.
Pastor Chad, turn back now! If you must know, have Nikki read it and she'll tell you that you don't want to read it!
I have been trying to convince Kaytlin that we need to stop using store bought pads and tampons because they are loaded with chemicals. (I am highly sensitive to them)
I suggested using cloth pads, and she freaked! Then I suggested the Diva Cup and she freaked. Then I bought some natural sea sponge tampons. She did try those, but neither of us liked them.
Last week I ordered the Diva Cup for me. When it came in the mail the other day I took it out of the box and walked over to Kaytlin to show her how not scary they are.
But my zipper was down, so I went to zip back up with one hand and held the Diva Cup in the other and Kaytlin started freaking out "Your not going to try that on HERE, are you!"
Oh, yes, I'm gonna pull off my pants and panties in the middle of the living room and put that in there to demonstrate! LOL I wouldn't even demonstrate it in the bathroom for her.
I haven't tried it yet, but I have heard wonderful reviews from friends and family who have it.

Thursday Thirteen


chores I need to do

random things

crazy people

pics of my kids

People I need to buy gifts for still

1. My dad, I ordered something that I hope will be ready, plus we are pitching in on a fancy-schmancy ladder for him.

2. Father-in-law. I have NO idea what to get for him. Retired. Inactive. Crippled with gout. Restricted diet. Watches tv all day.

3. Sister-in-law. I ordered a metal sign with their last name, but I think I should get her something else, and give her husband the sign.

4. Brother's wife. One I got a book for, the other I am thinking a necklace I won?

5. The 3 boys I babysit.

6. My girly friends! (and they read this so I can't say much, but I got one of them already)

7. I need another gift for my son Drew, who is 18.

8. I also have to get a second gift for my son Devon.

9. Samuel, he's one, so it should be easy.

10. Sunday school teachers. I always, always forget them.

11. Hope-Anne's teacher. (I think I have something for her)

12. Trinity. I thought I had something, but the dumb video club didn't send the movies they said they were sending.

13. My husband's brother. What do you get a 36yo bachelor? I don't think he wants a wife. And I'm not paying for the other stuff.

And, I STILL haven't sent out Christmas cards even though I mad them weeks ago. Yes, I MADE cards but haven't sent them. I haven't signed them, addressed them, or anything.

How's that for a boring TT?

Oh, and for some controversy, I won't be sending a gift to my step-dad. He's an abusive, narcissistic jerk to my mom, and I can't wait until she leaves him and comes to live near us! Love you, mom!

December 12, 2007

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Ha-ave you been drink-ing?

Yesterday I finally decided to go ahead and decorate the tree. Donnie didn't trust the tree stand before he moved it to this spot and added some wood to help it stay in the stupid stand. (all this is not helping my hatred of real trees)
About an hour after I had it decorated, minus the star on top that Donnie always puts on, it fell over. We could not get it put back up right. For awhile we had it setting on the chair next to it. This is as far as Donnie got it back up.
While it was tipped over, Sam went over and snagged a red glass bulb ornament. You think you know where this is going? No, he didn't drop it or throw it.

He ATE it.

Yes, he took a bite and started chomping on glass. I could hear it crunching across the room.
How do you get glass out of your child's mouth without cutting him when he has no desire to let you take it away? It wasn't pretty. However, he didn't get cut at all, and neither did I. I'm hoping he didn't swallow any, but I don't know how I'll know that.

After all that, I dreamt the tree lost all its needles and I had to bring out the artificial tree and disappoint Donnie.
If only!

December 11, 2007

Wordless Wednesday~ God's smile

The unnecessary spat?

When you are parents of seven kids you have to take your dates with your spouse when you can get them. We did just that this morning.
Most of the kids were off to school. Cody, Kaytlin, Sam and Trinity were all asleep. So, off Donnie and I went to pick up our glasses in another town. On the way there we caught up on things, his boss situation (messy! but better) and my busy work situation (blogging, lol).
There were few people in the optometrists office, which was located in another town, because we were there 1/2 an hour before they open. They agreed to let us in early so Donnie could get to work.
After adjust our frames, and me trying to figure out how to adjust to such a DRASTIC difference in vision, we were heading out the door. The gal handed me the glasses cases for both glasses, and sort of indicated that the black case with stitching and a name etched in it was mine. That left the plain navy one for Donnie.

Who thought the black one should be his. This is how it went:

The black one is mine.

No, it is mine, see, it says "Claiborne" right on it.

Yes, look my glasses say "Claiborne," dear.

Um, so do mine.

Well, the black one is mine.

(snicker, snicker from the gals in the office as we walk out the door.)

No, it isn't, besides it is all girly, look at it.

That is for my glasses, it has the brand right on it like my glasses do.

Look, my glasses say, uhhhh, umm, not Claiborne.


Well, its a sissy case and I'm trying to save you the embarrassment any way.

It's fine, I don't use a case anyway.

I don't either.

Weirdo bank dealings

Devon's swim coach lost our check, he says it was stolen and wants us to stop payment on it. I'm not sure anyone could cash it because of how it was written to the school. But anyway, we checked our balance to make sure it hadn't come in, and we had a decent balance left in our account last night. With the check not coming we expected to be OK. So this morning Donnie and I were getting our glasses picked up. I wanted to go deposit my check but he didn't want to because "this is a different branch." OK, I understand, they may not give us REAL money here. (little goofy spat, really he just didn't want to waste time because he still had to get to work)
We went ahead and went to Hardee's to get some breakfast, knowing the money was there and I was going to put my check in today before the new check we wrote to the school could get deposited.
Our card was denied at the drive-thru! We asked them to hold the food while we went and got the cash.
Donnie checked the ATM balance while I stood in line at this little country town branch of our bank. -$10! What happened?
So we stood in line and got a print out and I said, "Oh, I forgot about insurance." Donnie said that had come out 3 days ago. And the teller said that it had come out but the put it back in and took it back out today. What????
No, that is what they do. The charge comes in and they take it out of your balance, but then they put it back until it really comes in. (not that this had anything to do with why we were in the hole) So we are asking her why they do that, and what good it is to have online access if it isn't actually a true balance. And she says "You need to keep a checkbook register." Duh! But what we are asking isn't related to that! It doesn't happen to be why we are in the hole, but why can't we trust that when you take out our insurance payment you aren't going to put it back in our account and then take it out again later? "You need to keep a check register." We kept it up and she again snidely said I needed to keep a register. I flipped.
"Do NOT speak to me like I am a child! Keeping a register has nothing to do with WHY ON EARTH YOUR STUPID COMPUTERS ARE DOING THIS!" The balance you get online is not your actual balance. The balance that you get from logging in to the bank's own system, is not your actual balance. And a charge that is there one day may not be there tomorrow. Then show up a couple days later. Somehow keeping a check book register is going to make your computer system smart? Really?
Do not talk to me like that. Here you are showing us a statement that says we are -$110 while the ATM says we are -$10, and the online balance says we have $198. "Oh, well it is only -$10 because of your paypal deposit that is coming in." Why isn't it on the print out but is already in the ATM?
We haven't had time to compare the statement yet and figure out what our problem is, but oh I was so ticked at that woman!

On the way home Donnie said to just remember that she was a "Malacian" and not from our town. We at least got a giggle out of it! And caught it right away so I could get my check in there.

December 10, 2007

Lost little boy, calling all moms! A Giveaway

In about 1995-1996 my husband and I took our kids to a city carnival in Hampton, Virginia. We had four little ones with one on the way.

Devon, our 3 year old, was quite a unique child. He didn't talk much, and what he did say was not understandable to even his parents most of the time. But he was an active child. With an independent streak.

At some point we realized that Devon was not with us anymore. There were thousands of people milling around, and I was terrified. We searched and searched, heading in different directions and circling around to meet back up. But we didn't want to waste time so within 5 minutes we contacted the police that were walking around.

Devon would not be able to tell anyone who he was, who his parents were, where he lived, nothing of value. And what if he was kidnapped?

My heart was racing and I was near hysterics. Suddenly we saw him exiting the Fun House. They let him on with no adult and no ticket! Ugh!

We didn't have cell phones back then, they were still pretty rare.

But now most people do have a cell phone. And wouldn't it be nice if you could be reached to be told your child was found?

Two summers ago at the State Fair in MN I found a little girl crying for her parents. I didn't know how we'd ever find out who they were and hook them back up. Eventually we had to bring her to security and hope for the best.

Do you know what could have saved that family the agony of looking for their child?

A simple temporary tattoo with a cell phone number to call. You could be reunited quickly with your lost child, and they don't even have to be old enough to know your name isn't really "Mommy" or to know your phone number. got their idea because on wanting to help a lost little girl. The owners have 5 children, and they understand parents desire to keep children safe.

When I heard of their product I contacted them and begged them to let me do a giveaway of their product because I believe this is such and amazing and needed idea. Thankfully they didn't think I was a psycho stalker and agreed to let me give away a Basic Package of Tottoos, which are 15 tottoos and removing wipes, a $14.95 value. There are two lines of customizing you can use. If you have another need you can do a medical needs package instead. Those would be great if you have a child who has a serious food allergy and is going to a party or to school with people who may not know or pay attention. Tattoo their hand and be at ease!

How to enter:

1. Check out and tell me one other product that they sell in a comment. For a second entry blog about the time you lost your child or helped a lost child that tottoos would have come in handy and link to this contest and to
2. This contest ends on Monday, December 17.
3. Open to US residents.

December 09, 2007

My Son's First Movie

I found this contest on youtube and told Drew about it, and he went to a friend and this is what they made.

Pretty good, huh? I hope they win the money, and they better pay my a cut of the loot, too. At least in the form of Dairy Queen gift cards. Or Symphony Chocolate. Oh, yes, chocolate makes everything wonderful!

Flood Washington with Relief

I got an email from Kathryn at Daring Young Mom last night, but I didn't have time to read it. I just finished reading the the post she linked to and I just cried and cried.
My brother lives in Washington, but I didn't even have a clue this flooding was going on. The flooding is bad. It is beyond bad. I just ache for these families who are losing their homes and livelihoods right before Christmas. It doesn't really matter when it happens, it will still be horrible.
Kathryn is taking donations to the people and is asking for help. Please go read her post on what she is doing, who and how she has been helping. The pictures tell the story very well.
If you can't help with supplies or money, please go read the article and find out how you can pray for these people. My heart is just broken for them.

Jump Start World Software Winner

Well, I drew my winner for the software. I am very happy to be able to give one of these away. My kids just love playing it and jump*start is a great company with quality products.

The winner is: Uptown Girl! Congratulations! I contacted her on one of her blogs. If I don't hear from her in a week I will pick a new winner.

Uptown Girl, what are you going to do with the software? I'm not sure it will get there in time for Christmas with the mail craziness in December.

Now I have to go get ready for tomorrow's giveaway, which is a great new product for us mom of little ones. Have you ever lost one of your little ones in a crowd? This will help bring some peace of mind.

My girly friends and I got together with our spouses last night and had a great game night. There was some spewing of liquid last night. And it was from me. Thanks, Terry, I needed to clean out my nose. I'll have to post on that soon.

December 08, 2007

In keeping with my frugal side..

I found a new site for getting coupon codes and deals. WebbyPlanet has a pretty big selection of companies to search through to find deals. You can find coupons and deals for online companies, and sometimes you can even get coupons to print for use in the stores.
I saw a lot of stores with free shipping and free products with purchases. I love free things.
What I like about WebbyPlanet is that you can not only search by what you know you want, store name or item, but you can also go by category. If you want a book, it breaks it down further into audio books, catalogs, college, discount, and magazines! You don't have to search through everything to find a magazine site.
I also think their website design is nice and more pleasant than most coupon sites.

What is coming up here on Our Seven Qtpies?

My Jump*Start giveaway ends today, so I will be posting a winner tomorrow. On Monday I will be having a new giveaway for a wonderful company for a product that will put parents at ease when they are in crowded places.
There are also a couple more giveaways coming up, one of my favorite things........... jewelry! Oh, yes, TWO jewelry giveaways!
I have some books, also, but not sure when I am going to get those up. I don't want to be too busy with Christmas coming, plus I have some reviews to do. On Friday I will be reviewing something to help us keep from getting sick this busy season.
And somewhere in all that I will maintain my normal posts about car troubles, psycho kids, and other random stuff.
Stay tuned!
Oh, and please remember to change your links to my new addy! Thanks!

Dream big, baby!

I am sure it isn't a surprise to anyone that a mom needs a good massage after a long week of mommy work. I know that I need one every day with seven kids.
So far I don't even dream of it because I can't afford a masseuse and you can bet Donnie won't give me a massage, he is tired after working all week. The kids' version of massage is a joke.
But now I am am dreaming of a daily massage! Look at this amazing chair! Not only is is beautiful, it is a mom's best friend. Massage Chairs should be on every mom's wish list.
This chair is a zero gravity chair, meaning it counters the effect of gravity on your body. It self-adjusts to the person sitting in it to give the perfect massage for your size. It is voice activated even. I would love the calf massage (which would be great of diabetes related problems in my mother in law), being on my feet a lot. You can get percussion, rolling, kneading or compression massage on your back, in addition to heat.
OK, so I would probably be able to afford going to the spa weekly before buying the chair, but I am dreaming big, baby.

A little update

It doesn't look like we have chicken pox. Sam's blisters still look like it, and one is even crusting over in a minor way, like chicken pox, but it isn't spreading and there are no fevers. Trinity's spots are not turning into a bigger rash, blisters or spreading anywhere.

Someone asked about my hand injury, I thought I would update on that, too. I stopped using the splint because it interferes with blogging. I didn't mind not being able to wash the dishes, but blogging I have to do. I started going to the chiropractor and getting low level laser therapy and it is amazing! The bones in my wrist are out of place and she works on those too. It feels amazingly better than even after the cortisone shot.

Sam's sleeping through the night is hit or miss. He never sleeps through the night, but its a matter of how often he wakes and how fussy he gets. I think over all it is getting better. He is eating like a chow hound! We discovered he loves summer sausage. Makes his daddy proud!
Today I gave him a breakfast bar and he said "tain too." Isn't that cute??? That is his first sentence! And we don't really tell him to say thank you too much yet, we just say it to him.

Saturday Linky Love!

The Crunchy Domestic Goddess has an amazing Holiday toy gift guide. I am drooling over some sock monkeys on etsy! And you all know how much I am drooling over her very own shirts: I make milk, what's your superpower.

My bloggy friend JAM wrote a great post A Snark About Man-made Global Warming. You should get a giggle out of a link on the bottom of his post.
Natural Moms Talk Radio has a post I’m for Breastfeeding, Not Nitpicking that is very good.
Tiglets or Pigers? is a funny little post, a quick read, but I got lost on her blog and following links yesterday, so watch out! There is The Old Phone post for something sappy and sentimental.

For a great giggle, or some gagging, (Sarah, stay away, hehe) there is Digging For Gold. Just what it sounds like, booger picking.

December 07, 2007

Tree cutting pictures, finally!

Thanks to my bestest friend Sarah, I have the pictures off the broken camera! I know they were much anticipated, especially the dog pulling the kids.
Here is Cody being the puller.

The race is on! Devon is pulling the girls, which he promptly dumped on the ground, and Ratchette is pulling Cody.

Clearly, we can see who was born to pull and who was not.

Let me pull, let me pull!

Isn't he a natural?

The Lumberjacks. (I have NO idea why the camera says that date, lol, but we couldn't see the screen when it did work, so it is kind of stuck.)

The hams.

Sisters so sweet!