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February 27, 2007

Its a Blog Party!

Five Minutes for Mom is having a Blog party! Click the link on my side bar and go check it out! There is a drawing for a super cute Easter Bracelet for a child this weekend from Our 2 Peas in a Pod.

(this is my 100th post!)

February 25, 2007

Sunday Festivus #5

*this is a rant, not a logical, reasonable, well-thought out post. I realize and agree with many copyright laws.

Sunday Festivus is something started by Pam at Terrific Teens to gripe about yourself or something other than other people.

Well, Thursday Thirteens are no more. I really enjoyed doing them and reading them, and my mom really enjoyed reading mine. We are both saddened. I really don't understand how a person can make and idea, share it all over the world via internet, then say "Its mine and you can't play with it any more." And thats all legal because of a patent. Its already marketed, its out there, and it had no "cost" but basically people already bought it and used it, now they have to stop using it?
If I bought a camera, but then the maker decided he didn't want to make them anymore, he can't call everyone and say he has a patent on it and you have to quit using it now. Not only can you not use it anymore, you can't use anything that goes along the idea of my camera's usage, either, because it was my idea.
Doesn't the "owner" of TT know that I have to amuse my mom on Thursdays? Now I have to do something amusing and not call it Thursday or Thirteen or anything that might be an idea to do on a blog, because blog ideas are patented, you know.
Well, I guess this turned into a Festivus not about me, oops. I have plenty of that, too, though. I can't potty train Trinity. I am going to have to "tomato stake" her to me until its done. But that means wayyyyy less computer time. And that is a good thing, but I don't wanna quit. (I don't want to have to wake up a 3yo at 11pm to go wash the wads of poop off of her hands that she was using as playdoh in her bed to amuse herself before falling asleep, either.)
I'll blog later on our snow fall. Lets just say that it took the full weight of my 275lb husband to push the door open this morning. And then the kids left the snow shovel out DURING A SNOWSTORM. Yes, they did. And if my dad read my blog, which I'm sure he doesn't, well, I guess we got whats coming to us, huh? Whatever! (my kids did this to him 5 years ago in March, hehe)
Only my husband is going to church today. It was enough fun digging out the one car. And the van doesn't work anyways. The other car needs tabs, and you can barely even see it right now through the snow. So Donnie would have to drive back and forth in a couple of trips to bring us all, but he has to get the sermon on that projector thingy and get the run the words for the worship practice this morning. He was already an hour late with trying to shovel the car out without a shovel. (the snowblower isn't running, we didn't prep it for the winter, yeah, I know, we live in Minnesota, hehe, we've just really never needed it in the last 5 years.)
I want to bring the kids out shopping today, but I'm not driving anywhere! Its supposed to keep snowing off and on all week. I may go if it doesn't snow this afternoon. Otherwise, we'll do some internet shopping. Its hard to manage this, because I can only use the car on Sundays and Tuesdays. The Geo can be driven when we get tabs on Monday, but we won't leave town with it, we don't know if it will overheat. We'll have to get that fixed soon, I'm applying for a job, and I will need it if I do work.

February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen funny things heard over the years in my family.
1. My mom, trying to be a cool mom in the 80's, decided to use some slang on my brother. "Gel out, Shane." Instead of Chill out.... yeah, she wasn't cool.
2. "That didn't happen." after doing something stupid, lol. Started by Kaytlin. Used frequently by everyone.
3. "It was so sad she took a leak!" Said by me about my mom when asked about watching a very sad episode of Little House on the prairie, instead of she sprung a leak, lol.
4. "Its amazing! It's incredible! It's a miracle!" Said by me and my cousins when we had been in the back of the station wagon on a LONG car trip without fighting for quite some time.
5. "Unhang-on that key locker" said by my brother Shane to get grandpa to give him a lock.
6. Also by Shane after he fell half off the diving board onto a very sensitive area and crawled out of the pool, (about 10 years old, so knew better.) "Oh, my uterus!"
7. Often said between dh and dd Kaytlin "Thank you." "Thank you for thanking me." "Thank YOU for thanking me." and on and on and on.
8. "I not naughty, I a 'murf!" said by Drew at 2yo after coloring himself blue. Little boy blue.......
9. Trinity-ism "Oh, boys have a pen*s, girls have a poopis!" Trinity Funnies!
10. "Oh, I know all about that. I learned about it in sex ed. Thats called a resurection." Said by my little cousin about his baby nephew's parts that were getting ready to pee all over.
11. "We're in Poop County now!" Said by me as we were driving into Pope County.
12. "I didn't hear me say that." Said by Shane after a neighbor tattled that he said a bad word.
13. "Then one froggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to stay." sung by me.

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February 21, 2007

Wordless Wednesday #1

Is it truely wordless when you have to explain? LOL I made hot chocolate for Trinity and all the marshmallows perfectly circled a bubble. It was really cool.

February 20, 2007

Bloggity goodness!

My dd, Kaytlin has a friend who is in India with his parents as missionaries. His name is Alex. I haven't met him, but I think he must be a neat kiddo. Well, my kids like him, so that's one reason, lol. But the stories we hear about him lead me to think he is a good kid.

The other day Kaytlin says she has to read something to me. Its an email that Alex wrote to their friend Emily. It cracked us all up! So I got his permission to post it. Cause its true bloggity goodness!

The "you" would be Emily! Its a really funny and eventful dream!...

I came back home and we were gonna start Worship practice! So I walk in....and all the chairs in the Church are gone! And there's this black dude standing in the middle of the floor with a mic! So I walk up to you and I'm like "who's that?" and you said" hes are Worship leader" So I was kinda freaked out that Rommel had left and you had never told me! And so this guy tells me that I got sing, because all the other parts were filled! So the music starts and he starts singing like a black man! And you and Joy are his back round ladies! But you were singing black style! It was crazy! So I was sitting on this chair watching you guys(cuz I didn't know the words to the song) and you walk over and hand me these TINY barbie size pieces of I asked you what they were, and you said they were the words to the song! So I'm sitting there trying to read the words and I fall over and smack my head! And when I wake up(in my dream) I'm somewhere in Africa with you, Dad, Erik, Mom, and some friends of ours that are from Ireland! And were walking down this little channel type thing! The water is about 3 fee high..and it's super clear! And theres fish, squids, and and octopuses(sp) And so were walking and talkin...and we get to this we go up to one of the shops and you asked for salt!! So I asked you why you wanted salt..and you turned around and you had his leach stuck to the back of your neck! And just to let you know right now...I hate leaches! So we realize that we had tons of them on us! So we get this bag of salt and start dumping it all over us! And when we were done my friends from Ireland come floating along the lake in this House Boat type of thing! So they ask of if we wanna come on...and you were like "Duh" so we got on and pretty much everyone was on there!......from the outside of the boat it looked like it was about 10 feet tall! But when you walked in there the place opened up into a ball room! And massively huge one! And so we were standing there look at this big room where tons of people were dancing! And I was like"I don't know how to dance" and right then this little skinny guy with a Italian accent walks over and says"You can't dance huh? You come with Bambino, he teach you how to dance" So me and you went and took dance lessons.....when we got there Elise was taking the lessons with Dad, and Hans was taking it with Eva! So we learned how to dance! And we pretty much partied all night! But at one point me, you, Elise, Kaytlin, and Ryan were walking around and we walk into this room...and there...sitting on a table of glory was.............LOADS OF MOUNTAIN DEW!!!!! So I started crying cuz I was so happy! And so we pretty much got drunk on it!! And then we(me, you, Elise, Kaylin, and Ryan) got off the boat and went into this van that Dad was driving! And we fell asleep! And when we woke up we were in this little cement building being bombarded with bombs! It was awesome! There was a stash of guns in the corner of the room! So we all grabbed one and started making a plan! You wanted to run around in the woods and try to kill the bad guys from the woods! Kaytlin wanted to jump out and run straight at them! And Ryan wanted to sit in the building and not die! So we decided to both yours and Kaytlin's Idea, so we ran out into the woods..and ran towards the sound of the gun fire! And all of a sudden you dropped onto the ground and rolled! So rest of us pretty much thought you had gone crazy! Then we saw it....a massively massive bad guy doing his nightly check of the woods! So we all dropped also! Then we realized that Ryan wasn't with us anymore! And all of a sudden we heard a weird screaming noise over by the massively massive bad guy! So we looked over there and saw Ryan running at the guy with a stick! And he stopped two feet from him and stared him in the eye ...and said something that we couldn't hear! And the massive dude dropped his gun and ran away! So we ran up to Ryan and asked him what he said! But he just shrugged, smiled, and started walking! So we walked, and walked till we saw some lights! So we crept along till we got a clearing with guys standing around a bunch of big guns! While other guys were firing the guns! And there were tents all over the place! And in the middle was one Huge red one with a black and white flag sticking out of the top! So we thought that it was probably the commander's tent! So we crept into the camp and started walking towards the red tent! We got to the tent in one piece! But we had to knock out a few guys on the way! Anyways....we Burst into the commander's tent and pulled out our guns........and demanded to see the man in charge!! So this totally freaked out guard pointed to the back in the tent! So we walked through the back hanging cloth/door thing! And there, sitting in a chair behind a big desk was Dad!! So I was pretty much weirded out! Cuz my Dad had been trying to kill us! So I asked him why he was trying to kill us! And he gave me this evil smile and said " opened the jam jar when I couldn't" so I started laughing really hard! And I walked out of the tent(you guys followed me) and there was this dude standing there pointing a gun at me! And right when he was about to pull the trigger you shot him!And I was like "Thank you" and you were like "no problem."
Then I woke up

February 18, 2007

Contest Winners!

I knew this was going to be hard! I picked the three that struck me for some reason or other more than the others. There were definitely some fun stories to read: birth in the garage, star trek doctor, feet coming out, surprise twins, winning the fertility battles, going into labor ON Labor Day, and horrid nurses and doctors.

Well, by far my favorite post, and I knew it would win the top spot when I read it was by Lauren S. Having your baby in the garage?! That's just awesome! I would actually LOVE for that to happen!

My second favorite is mostly my whole family's favorite. We are complete and total Trekkies around here, and if we went to the hospital and a Dr. Bashir was delivering our baby, well, we would change whatever name we had picked out to some sort of Star Trek name, lol. So, yofed has won the second prize! This won is a bit hard for me, because I bought gift certificates to Target, so I'll have to find something else to send to you!

Then there is the third one. This one I picked because I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for two of these things to happen to me, and actually pray for it with each ultrasound I have ever had. First, to be laying there watching your new baby floating around in there, and then, oops, whats that? That doesn't belong there! Twins! And then for the water to break and find a foot poking out???! How cool is that! Really! Maybe it would be freaky at the time, but what a good story! (And the fact that his name is Sam had no bearing on winning, just a totally cool coincidence!) Tammy has won the third prize!

Congratulations, ladies! Thank you so much for playing along with me! I may post a couple more of my birth stories, though the other kids had more interesting pregnancies than births.

So, here is my dream birth story from these three posts!

I'm sitting on the table having an ultrasound with my hubby unable to be there. Suddenly the tech starts moving the wand around trying to see something. Whats that? Wait, there seems to be something behind that baby..... its another baby! Look, its a boy and a girl!
I get home and make a big production out of supper. And put out two framed ultrasound pics. One has the girl parts showing and one has the boy parts showing. Donnie can read an ultrasound, so he knows that this can't both be from our baby, which is it? Then it dawns on him. And he faints. Haha, no he doesn't, but he probably feels nauseated and can't finish supper. Wait, who am I kidding, he can finish supper! We are so happy to be having twins! (OK,he is just happy that I am happy, and he'll deal with it)
About 8 months along I'm having some cramping, man, I must have eaten something that disagreed with me. So, we are sitting there watching Star Trek and just as Odo melds into the pool of shape shifters my water busts all over the place, and I can feel a foot sticking out! Oh my gosh, we need to get moving! So we start packing bags and getting the kids all set to take care of things while we are at the hospital. Oh, these cramps are coming on hard now, no doubt about it, these babies are coming! Out we go to the garage to get in the car and I just can't move anymore. Donnie, quick, call 911, the babies are coming NOW! And I put my hand down to stop the baby from dropping and Donnie runs over and helps me deliver the baby right there in the garage! Donnie tries to head to the house to call 911, but the cord is still attached to me! So, I crawl/fall into the car, and he hands me the baby and runs for a towel to wrap the baby. He has Drew call the hospital and tell them we are coming. We head to the hospital, which is only 5 blocks away, to deliver the second baby. My doctor is hunting, of course, isn't he always? So out comes the on call doctor, and her name just happens to be Dr. Crusher! No way! She's the doctor from Star Trek the Next Generation!
So we have the second baby, a girl. We decide we just have to name them Trekkie names. So we went with Jean-luc Picard (last name) and Deanna Troi (last name) haha! And we all lived happily ever after. The End!

Here are links to all the entries, stop on by and congratulate the winners and comment on all the miracle baby stories! They are all amazing and wonderful and I completely enjoyed reading them, thank you for playing with me!

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February 17, 2007

Drew's Birth Story

Don't forget, I'm having a contest! Tomorrow afternoon I will be announcing the winners! Share your birth story with me! Here's a link to the Birth Story Contest!
This picture is of T on the left, a friend of Drew's, and Drew on the right. They are in France in the mountains. Yes, I'm jealous. They were on a mission trip.
Drew was my teen pregnancy. I was 17 and still in high school when I found out I was pregnant. (I was 18 shortly before I gave birth.) We were planning to get married, we'd set the date for Sept. 14. Well, since I was due on Sept. 21, we thought we'd better move that date. It was good thinking on our parts.
When I was 7 months along I moved to Germany to be with Donnie. It was an uneventful pregnancy. Minor morning sickness, and no braxton hicks as far as I knew. Since he was my first I was pretty sure he'd be late. But I was all prepared, I took my Lamaze classes and all. But, since I had come to the military base far into my pregnancy there was no room for me, they only took so many deliveries a month, the rest went to a German hospital.
Donnie was in the middle of this big military exercise mid September. He was MI, and it was a wargame simulation. They didn't have phones in the offices for some reason back in 1989, so I had to call a hall phone if I needed to find him, but usually he just called me to check in.
Well, on Sept 14, Donnie kissed me good-bye and left for work and I went back to sleep. At 8:10am I woke up with a drenched bed. Darnit! I peed myself! What the heck? I went off to the bathroom and had a full bladder. Hmm, that's weird cause that kiddo in there must have kicked me and made me pee the bed. Ok, so I smell it. It doesn't smell like pee. That's good and bad.
So, I called my mom in the states and asked her if your water could break before you've had the bloody show and mucous plug, because those are supposed to happen before you go into labor, you know. She said yes, and so we figured out my water had broken.
I wasn't having contractions yet, so I had plenty of time. I called the base to get my husband to start getting out of work. A colonel answered the phone, and when he found out it was me he asked if it was time. I said yes, but just have Donnie call me. I started getting things together and getting ready to take a shower and Donnie comes flying in the door! He's all worked up, he didn't take Lamaze with me, you know. He starts packing my bag, filling it with maternity clothes, no underwear or pajamas or anything useful. I finally convince him its not an emergency and he calms down. Pretty soon our landlord knocks on our window and points at the car. He'd left it running in his excitement! But its illegal to let your car run in Germany. Haha!
Well, the contractions started a few hours later and we headed out. But since my water broke, I couldn't go to a store, and we needed things like suckers to suck on, you know, cause I took Lamaze. With every 3rd contraction I would get a gush of water.
As we sat in the McDonald's drive through I told Donnie something must be wrong because the contractions hurt. The Lamaze instructors said it didn't hurt to have a baby, there was just this burning like if you put your fingers in your mouth and stretch out your lips really far.
The doctors wanted me to walk the halls, but, uh, helloooo, my water was broke and I was busting all over the floor and myself! No thanks! So I sat in the hall until they gave in. Somewhere around this point I decided it was a good thing we were in Germany, because had we been stateside I would have left the hospital and hunted down those Lamaze instructors and killed them. Or at least pulled their lips out until it was past burning and into the level of pain I felt for real.
Things soon took a nose dive. The contractions were really, really hurting. They just kept getting worse and worse and Drew wasn't dropping. At one point I was just wanting to die, and they had an oxygen mask over my head that whenever they put it on me I felt better, so I just was trying to get that mask on so I could be knocked out. But I was screaming (with an epidural!) and they told Donnie to hold my mouth shut because I was scaring the new mom in labor in the next room. Things were really bad.
Drew's heartbeat kept dropping to the low 60's. They needed him out now. So they got me to sign for a c-section. But just as the anesthesia guy walked in the room Drew must have dropped because they went for a "natural" delivery. They cut me really deep, seriously deep, and put a vacuum extractor on him and we pushed and they pulled. He was finally born at 9:18pm. When they finally weighed him they said "Three thousand five hundred and..." At that point I just said "Oh my gosh, I gave birth to a quarterback!" It sure felt like it, but he was only 6lbs 15 3/4 ounces, lol.
He was taken to a different hospital for the bleeding from the vacuuming so it wouldn't bleed on his brain, but later I found out they were checking him for a heart condition. I didn't get him back for 16 days because of jaundice, at least that is the amount of medical English they knew to tell me about him. I was still able to nurse him right away when he came back! I was STILL in the hospital myself. All sorts of horror stories with that, but no one wants to hear that, lol. Lets just say loss of blood, a surgery and physical therapy to learn to walk again, and leave it at that. I begged to go home at 19 days, and a very new intern who was afraid of the tears let me go if I stayed in bed another week. I couldn't take being in there and only seeing my baby 5 times a day for one hour each time. I missed him so much and I needed him. And those nuns found him every time I tried to hide him under my blankets and told them "Nicht baby here, nicht baby here." They laughed, moved my blankets and took my baby. (The nuns were Bavarians working in a German hospital. So they spoke German, but the dialect was so different that they couldn't understand my American accented German. That was fun.)
Now Drew is 17. And I still want to hide him under my blanket and not let him go. But this time he is fighting to get out and into the world. Little bugger, he'll soon wish he'd stayed at home.

When I was saved

Don't forget, I'm having a contest! Tomorrow afternoon I will be announcing the winners! Share your birth story with me! Here's a link to the Birth Story Contest!

I was asked a great question in my comments on Devon's birth story.
yofed said...
Just by curiosity... you said you were

not christian, then you found God...
How did your husband reacted to the
change? Was it a difficult adaptation,
or was he on the same page?
Donnie and I were both raised Lutheran all the way through graduating high school, in little Minnesota towns. We both left the church when we moved to Germany. Neither of us realized that we needed to be saved, that we needed to actually, personally accept Jesus's gift of salvation. We both believed we were saved just because of grace, because Jesus died for everyone, then we were saved, because we believed that Jesus probably was real and probably did die on the cross and rise from the dead.
But because we had no relationship with Jesus, we felt nothing, so leaving was easy. We decided that God was a crutch that weak people used to get through life. And that was fine, but we didn't need it. (we were 18 and 20 when we decided that)
But, through a series of things we were really getting stressed out. Really bad. Donnie had to take a second job to the Army, because I couldn't work with two little kids, I had lost a twin in a pregnancy and that had me on constant bed rest with a 2 year old, I had a TWO YEAR old, plus I was having a 3rd child that I just did not want, nor did I have the energy for with the work that Kaytlin was. She was difficult because she missed her twin, so she screamed non-stop unless I was nursing her. I was stressed. I had no family and no help.
So, when I conceived Devon I said "If there is a God, this is His sick, cruel joke way of telling me I need Him." I'm 20 years old at this point, 3 kids, no family support, husband working 2 jobs, it was tough.
Soon after Devon was born I was so stressed I was afraid I was going to become a child abuser. Drew was pretty rotten, Kaytlin was screamy and clingy, and I had a baby to nurse and change, and tons of laundry calling my name. One time I had to lock myself outside the door until Donnie got home because Drew had bit a chunk out of the back of my elbow and I wanted to backhand the brat through a wall.
A friend of mine suggested starting to go to church. They'd probably be able to give me some support. So I found a Lutheran church and started going. Not one person said a word to me. I'm there without Donnie, dealing with the kids, and not one person said "Hi." Not the church for me. Eventually I went to a church my neighbor went to. It was a Baptist church. They were very friendly and supportive.
Later, my kids got chicken pox, so I went to tell a neighbor that I had had a sort of "falling out" with, because she had a daycare in the stairwell, so they needed to know about airborne sicknesses. Anyways, she invited me to come over later, so I agreed.
Within 5 minutes of being there she said "God has a plan for your life." And I immediately started crying. She told me how to accept Christ as my Savior, and I did. She armed me with some advice, too. She said that satan doesn't want me to be a Christian and would attack me, so if I felt the room getting darker in a way that wasn't about "light" then I should say Jesus's name, the demons have to flee.
That night, it happened. Donnie was working, of course. All the lights were out and I was going to bed and the room just got these even darker shade than dark, and I felt it. So I started saying Jesus over and over. And a brass coat rack came slamming down on my head. It wasn't loaded with clothes, there were no pets in the house, it fell on me with force. I laughed and said that they can't have me, I belong to Jesus and I sang Jesus loves me. The room got lighter and all was well.
The next morning I started telling Donnie about it, he didn't know about me being saved the day before or anything. He went to work with a normal wife and came home to a demon expelling "christian". He was freaked out! He thought about divorce, and he has always been against divorce. He went to his Army job and asked a co-worker who was a deacon in a different Baptist church to come over and see if I was in a cult! LOL We had done things with them as couples in the past, so they kind of knew me. They came over and Linda told me that as soon as she saw me she could see it in my eyes that I knew the Lord, and she was so excited!
Donnie pretty much wanted nothing to do with God. If I tried telling him the exciting things I was finding in the Bible he'd get all macho and already "know" these things. So God led me to "win him over with silence" so I shut my mouth. I just invited him to church with me every Sunday, and he refused. I'd see him watching me and the kids leave from the window. He wanted to come, but he couldn't give up his pride. When I was baptised, I asked to do it during a more casual evening service because Donnie believes you wear suits to church and we just couldn't afford that. He liked the pastor and started coming. I still kept silent.
He came to the Lord about 6 months after I did. Now its been 13 years, almost 14. With all the things I've been through since that time, I am so glad God told me I needed Him, because I don't know how I would be where I am today otherwise.

Cody's birth story

Don't forget, I'm having a contest! Share your birth story with me! Here's a link to the Birth Story Contest!

Cody was a bit of a surprise baby. We had recently had a miscarriage and Donnie was very upset that he couldn't take care of me, couldn't stop the pain or protect me. So he was going to get a vasectomy. I asked him to pray about it first because making a decision like that on a fear doesn't make sense. So he went on a month long job out of town and prayed about it. He came home (for 2 weeks) and told me that God had asked him to leave our family size in His hands, in other words never use birth control again. And he agreed. Then he left for another 5 week business trip. After he knocked me up, of course, lol.
Three months of puking requiring a hospital stay, but otherwise an uneventful pregnancy. We were in Germany, but moved to the states for the first time in our marriage and lived close to our families before the birth.
I went to the doctor a week after his due date and he checked me out, contractions were strong and regular, I was dilated to almost 3, said he'd see me tonight at the hospital! So I walked the mall, drove on bumpy roads, all that stuff. Then later that night, it all stopped. Start again the next day. Doc says "see you tonight." Stopped again. Repeat two more times.
Finally we decide to induce. Donnie was in a new job, so time off wasn't really available with pay, so I went in for the induction with my mom and we were going to call Donnie if things happened before he was done with work. A friend of mine who is a nurse came, also.
When things started going good Donnie came. I was a bit bored, so I asked him to go get me a crossword puzzle book. No problem, there are plenty of stores, Walmart, Target, grocery stores galore, if the hospital doesn't have something.
He doesn't come back. A couple of hours go by and we are starting to get worried, we're getting close here. Things are starting to hurt! He finally comes back. "Where the heck were you?!!!" "Oh, I went to my brother's so he could show me where to get a puzzle book, but he needed to take a bath before leaving. He doesn't have a shower in his apartment." WHAT???? Dead meat.
At this point the pain is making me tear up, so I asked the nurse for some pain killers in my iv. No prob, just had to check me first. Ok, I'm at 8cm, which is a long way from 10 for me. So she sits the bed up and heads out to get the shot. But before she gets back 10 minutes later I'm ready to push. So I tell her not to give me the shot, I'm ready to go. "No, I just checked you." "This is my 4Th child, I know when I need to push." And she put it in my IV when I told her not to. I insisted that I am going to push, so she very angrily checks me again. I'm at 10. "Wait for the doctor to get here before you push." Seriously.
I asked her with the evil look that goes along with complete ire (not to mention the mascara that ran from my tears leaving large black marks under my eyes) I'm pushing anyways. So she says to her nurseling to go call the ER doc because "she's going to push anyways" like I'm an inconvenience having a baby in the BABY delivery wing!
She keeps telling me to wait. UGH! So I asked her if she had ever delivered a baby. (she hadn't had any of her own yet) And she gets all high and mighty "Of course!" so I said "Well, then, CATCH." And I kept pushing.
The ER doc makes it in and delivers the head. Then my doctor shows up. Its been all of 7 minutes at this point. My doc delivered the baby in his nice clothes and tie! No time for scrubs. He announces "Its a boy!" I'm thinking of course its a boy, then I realize we didn't know the sex of the baby, hehe. I just knew. God supplies all the clothes needed, and none of it was girly.
Cody Phillip Allen was born. He weighed 7lbs 5oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.
Oh, and Donnie's brother does have a place with a shower now. But Donnie hasn't lived this one down. Hopefully the nurse learned something because I reported her for giving me the meds against my wishes and causing Cody problems. The nurse friend who was with me was furious at the nurse and encouraged me to report her.

February 16, 2007

The Super dipe! A review of diapers.

Don't forget, I'm having a contest! Share your birthstory with me! Here's a link to the Birth Story Contest!

I received the Superman diaper that I was crazy obsessed trying to find! This is a MudpieBabies diaper! It is wonderful! Soft, super absorbant and cute as can be! Tiffani does wonderful work on her diapers. This diaper will work overnight, as it comes with a good amount of soakers you can snap in and out for different needs, more for night time, less for day time. I absolutely love the softness of the inside, and the outside is really nice compared to vinyl or pul fabrics I've had on other diapers. I just love it! My 17yo wishes he could get one for himself, but thats a whole other post, lol.
I tried some Bear Bottom Britches that I got used. They have pass through pockets, which I was really wanting to try out. The diapers have really cute fabric. When I saw them I thought they MUST be for newborns or premies, they are SO small and narrow, but I even got one on my 30lb 3yo without a liner in it. They are very deceiving in their fit, which is amazing. However, I would not buy them again. They do not have leg gussetts that keep the poo in, and some of the inner fabric seems to repel rather than absorb the pee, but not all of them. I have 5 with 4 different linings. I love how they fit, and I love the cute looks, but I haven't gotten any of them to work right, even with different soakers. Then I went to her website, and I was just flabergasted at what she posts as pictures of herself on her business website. Unprofessional. I'm not against breastfeeding, because I exclusively nurse my children, and I'm all natural, don't circumsize, nurse in public (covered), etc. A bare br*east doesn't offend me, especially while nursing, but to post a picture of yourself nursing a 2-3yo showing your whole br*east on your business website does not tell me you are a serious business woman. Totally turned me away.
BumGenius! diapers are by far my favorites, though! I love that they fit so many sizes. (I use the one size diaper) I love their cottonbabies inserts, I use them in almost all of my diapers. I love the mudpies and Fuzzi Fannies for fun and function, but they are more expensive diapers. BumGenius are slightly expensive per diaper, but you get so much use out of them! They are my number one diaper, my "workhorse" diapers. Anything else I buy I use for good or fun. Like this summer when Sam will normally just be in a diaper and t-shirt, it will be fun to have really cute diapers on him!
Happy Heineys, which can be bought at my friend's store, Snooty Booty Diapers, are really nice diapers. I love the fabric and the comfort of the inner fabric. The soaker is nice, too. Its a very roomy pocket, and can be stuffed for night time or daytime. Cute patterns. I like them a lot, but they are not my favorites. I do recommend them, though.
In light of the huge amount of traffic being driven here through the forums at Hyena Cart, I want to say a great big "Thank You" for making my stat counter go crazy!
Really, I want to thank you guys for your support, and the relative few complaints about my feeling that that picture was unprofessional. Feel free to keep emailing. I personally do not have a problem with Angie, the owner of Bear Bottom Britches. I even stated that I liked things about her diapers. Which I do! I use the 5 I do have, however, if Sam poos in them, its all over the place, which is gross, I have NO poo leaks ever with BumGenius! I am a current breast feeding mom, on my 7 child that I have breast fed all of them. I co-sleep, I do not circumsize, I do NOT immunize, and I even vote Republican! I also put my kids in public school and would love to homebirth unassisted, just as Angie does.
This post clearly states that this is a REVIEW of diapers. I reviewed her company and product, stated my views. I did go check out her site again and loved to see that she is proudly standing by her views, and giving fair warning of the picture now. I still feel it is unprofessional on her diaper site, and probably would be more appropriate on a blog, but that is her choice in this free country. If you put it on your business site, that makes it public knowledge what you stand for and up for public scrutiny. I think Angie is probably strong enough to deal with someone not wanting to see it.

February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6

Don't forget, I'm having a contest! Share your birthstory with me! Here's a link to the Birth Story Contest!

Thirteen Things I'd like to get my kids to understand!

1. Life is not fair, it can't be made fair.
2. Sometimes people make mistakes in your favor sometimes not in your favor, take the lumps and realize it will equal out.
3. Our family is like a body, every member has a role, and every member is needed. Its hard to balance without a big toe, so please stay on the foot and do your chores.
4. If you do your chore for 10 minutes here, and then another 10 there, it will never get really bad.
5. Just because your item is not where you "left" it does not mean someone stole it, believe it or not, no one WANTS your homework.
6. Look again, I don't care if you did look there, not looking won't help you find it.
7. You are not old enough to be married, you are not old enough to run a house, support a family and pay bills, so stop looking for a spouse. Its hard enough waiting when you are old enough, why add years to the wait?
8. I'm your mom. I know a lot. I do know a lot of what is bad for you. Trust me. God does.
9. I'm your mom. I'm not God. I will make mistakes, and plenty of them.
10. I love you so much.
11. I want you to love God, love your country, love your family, and do your best in life and be happy. Please listen to my advice, you don't have to do everything I say, but please listen to me.
12. Your siblings watch what you do, if smart mouthing and disobedience are not okay for them, don't lead with that example!
13. I love you soooo much. Please allow Christ to lead your life and be your Savior so we can spend eternity together.

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February 10, 2007

Devon's birth story

I'm not eligible for the contest, but I'm still sharing my favorite birth story! I'll have to do Cody's too, his has a horrible nurse, lol. Here's a link to the Birth Story Contest!

I think all of my births had great story telling happenings, but I most enjoy Devon's. He's my third child, born in Germany in 1993.
My pregnancy was pretty uneventful, though I was NOT thrilled to be pregnant. I was in a foreign country with no family support. I was not a Christian, and had no church support. My second child screamed non-stop unless I was nursing her. I HAD NO HELP. Devon was a third anniversary surprise gift. I did not want to have this baby. Soon after I found out I was pregnant I said "If there is a God, this is His sick, cruel joke way of telling me I need Him." And that turned out to be prophetic.
Devon was due Jan. 5, but I was determined to have me a little New Years baby. Right on time I went in labor on Dec. 31st. Things were cooking along, every 15 minutes for hours. Come 10pm, everything comes to a screeching halt. UGH!
Then, on January 4th I started labor again, and I was pretty sure that it was the real thing. Donnie didn't want to believe me because he hates going to the hospital and then being sent home, and back and forth. He wants me to wait until the baby is falling out. The contractions were at 5 minute intervals, so I got a sitter and we headed out. The contractions were strong to me, but my muscles barely worked because my pregnancy before him I was in labor every 15 minutes for 6 months, so when I conceived Devon I couldn't even suck in my tummy, the muscles were that weak.
We pick up my friend and head on out for the 45 minute drive to the hospital. We get to the hospital and ride on up to the delivery room floor and ring the doorbell, which is really funny, but that's how its done there. They set me all up on the monitor and the contractions are coming 5 minutes apart and I'm dilated to 3-4. But after an hour the midwives decided that "your contractions aren't strong enough to bring a baby quickly" and sent me home to come back when the contractions are stronger. People, this is my 3rd child and contractions are 5 minutes apart.
But we trudge on home, Donnie mad at me, and drop my friend off at home with the promise to pick her up in the morning when we leave.
I wait all night for the contractions to get stronger. Donnie sleeping peacefully next to me, while I wake up every 5 minutes to breathe through a contraction. We had gotten home close to midnight, and things just were not getting stronger. They stayed steady in time and strength. I'm getting pretty frustrated at this point you know.
Then about 6:45am on Devon's due date of all days, I hit a point when I KNOW this baby is coming. NOW. I'm mean as a snake now. Donnie knows this is transition, which typically takes a few hours to get through. He's thinking I'm dilated to maybe 7. But he dutifully hurries to get out the door since I will kill him if he moves slowly.
We run over to the other base and pick up my friend. And do you know what he did next? With me screaming in the front seat with every contraction? He goes to Burger King drive thru for breakfast! Yes, he did! He wanted breakfast before the hours and hours of labor.
Then, on the autobahn, where there is barely a speed limit, he drives 60mph, its Sunday, the roads are empty, and he drives 60mph. With me screaming that the baby is coming out. My water hasn't broken, but I know he's coming out.
My friend tells Donnie she thinks something must be wrong and he should hurry things up. I'm screaming, really, I'm screaming. He says, and I quote "She always does this." So, my friend tries to relax.
I keep telling him the baby is coming out with the bag of waters attached, so go to the ambulance entrance. My friend agrees. But does my husband? Nope, but he does have the decency to pull up at the front door, where he can get me settled and then come back out and park it.
They each take one arm and pull me screaming across the lobby to the elevator. The contraction stops in the elevator, so I'm not screaming when the door opens, so I shrug them off of me and walk to the door and ring the doorbell. The midwives answer it, and thankfully the doctors are up at this point since its just after 8am.
When they answered the door they said "Yes, how can we help you?" I said "I'm having a baby NOW."
So, in the door we rush, right into the delivery room, and the quickly help me undress from the waist down for a quick check. So, there I sit in my sweatshirt and socks, and they bust my water and I push him right out the rest of the way, and Donnie and my friend are still standing in the doorway. They didn't even get all the way into the room.
I gave Donnie my best evil look and said "I TOLD you he was coming out!" He was born at 8:05am on his due date. He weighed 8lbs5oz and was 20in long.
He would have been born long before that if we had stayed in the hospital and had my water broken.
Donnie pretty much made me breast feed because he was hoping to foster a bond between us, I just didn't want another child like Kaytlin, screaming all the time.
2 months later, I was saved! God was telling me I needed him, and Devon pushed my right into God's arms, and I will always cherish Devon in a bit more special of a way because of it. Devon was a good baby, too.

Birth Story Contest!

I love a good birth story, who doesn't? So, lets get them blogged! There's even a little prize or two for the best stories! The most miraculous, the funniest, the meanest/stupidest nurse/doctor, anything that makes your story worth repeating! No nightmare stories because I'm sure some first time moms do not want to be petrified!

The contest ends February 18th, and I'll post the winners on February 21st.
Send me a link in my comments when you have your story posted. I want the stories in your blog to be eligible.

I'll even post a couple of mine, but I am not eligible to win, of course.

Looky what I found!

Ok, so I'm lazy. I put everyone I like to read on a fairly hourly basis on my blog roll, line, whatever its called??? I just click down the list every day. I have more that I read often in my favorites, but it is messier and more time consuming.
So I'm trolling along my blog list over there, cause I'm so cool and all, and what do I find? Go check it out over at Don't Give Him Crackers. I'll wait for ya.

(doo, doo, DO DO, doo doo dooooooo)

Someone blogged about ME!!!!! Ha! How cool is that? And do you know just how cool I am? I immediately cut and pasted her blog address into my msn messenger to my mommy! "Mommy, mommy, look at this!" Haha! I'm just so cool. I know. You don't have to tell me. But you can, I'm cool with that.

Yep, that totally made my day. And then I went off to my monthly ladies night out, gabbed all night with my girlfriends, and found out what a loser I am because all I had to talk about was all the things I find on blogs. But, to Raising Future Esthers, (way at the bottom of the page) where I found the story of drinking too much tea in a mexican restaurant and having to pee, but the bathroom stalls were locked with no one in them, well, lets just say a pregnant friend of mine was near peeing her pants laughing hearing your tale. Well, actually, all of us nearly peed ourselves laughing at that one!

February 09, 2007

$15 Paypal Rebate!

I was strolling along my list of blogs and over at Life In A Shoe I came across this wonderful tidbit!

You can earn a $15 rebate by shopping at an approved store that takes Paypal by spending $30. That's pretty easy to do, ebay is one of the vendors! You need to click that link and register before you spend the money, though.
If you don't have paypal its easy to sign up, and you can even use my referal.

February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen Things about Lisa
13 things that happened in the last week!

1. Devon fell asleep at a friend's house with no phone, and we didn't know where he was for 18 hours. (I still ♥ him)
2. Donnie's car died at 7:30am and I had to get out of bed after 2 hours sleep to get him oil and antifreeze, and I was out of gas, so had to gas up in -20 weather with the pumps so cold the liquid crystal screens barely worked.
3. Went to the store and realized I lost my wallet at the gas station. It was there and nothing was stolen!
4. Got home and found out Donnie's car had died again, but thankfully some friends of his came to help him tow it. And later that day it decided it was fine.
5. The van's brake light came on for no reason. Then it went off later.
6. The van's check gauges light came on and the oil pressure gauge was on 0. The van was not out of oil.
7. The van started knocking on the way to our friend's house Sunday. We were closer to them, so we kept going. The van completely died on the way home after severe knocking. We were stuck with 4 kids, one a baby, with no cell phone. We were close to a friend's house, so we managed to get a tow home.
8. Donnie got to work fine in his car. But didn't get home so fine. The car died and he managed to drift into a gas station where he actually got a jump from someone. Then went and got a new battery, but didn't replace it because the car was running fine again.
9. Car died almost a town before ours. Got a tow to the town so he could change batteries. But he couldn't do it because he didn't have a ratchet, and neither did the gas station.
10. Donnie jumped the car with the battery, it worked! But only until he got in to leave. So he put the battery on the floor between his legs and put the cables out the window and into the hood and jumped the car and drove all the way home like that.
11. Got a loaner while the car was being fixed. Let it warm up while he was inside. Went to leave and the remote door locks would NOT work! So he had to go and BUY AAA membership and wait 2 1/2 hours for someone to come get the door unlocked!
12. Trinity put the plug in the bathroom sink, turned on the hot water and left. Flooded the bathroom. It went down the register and flooded the basement, filled the washer (and my load of white clothes) with dirty water, and I had to mop the top of the washer and dryer. And then poured two bottles of powdered milk flavoring all over the place in the kitchen.
13. Trinity put her pull up in my dirty cloth diaper bag and I washed it. Now there are little sylicone balls all over my load of diapers. (normally she throws away her panties and cloth diapers, lol)

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February 07, 2007

Now its really starting to get funny!

Every time the car and van broke down this last few days, Donnie has been driving. So, the car goes in the shop today and we get a loaner. The car is fixed, and the van, worse case will cost us around $2000.

Donnie calls me up from work and can't leave. He's locked the keys in the car with it running to warm it up, but the remote door opener won't work!

The shop is closed.

I don't have a spare.

He's an hour away.

He had to call AAA and buy a membership, lol. But they will come and help him sometime. Who knows when, but sometime. He could be out of gas by then, lol. At least he is at work and can sit on the computer and play games or whatever, if he didn't lock that in the car, lol.

Waddya think? Should he call in sick tomorrow? LOL
*Donnie called 2 1/2 hours after he was officially off work to say AAA was finally there, lol. So, hopefully they were able to get it unlocked for him and he's on his way home, lol.

Works for me Wednesday- Love, Sweet Love edition

Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer is hosting Works for me Wednesday, stop over for more ideas!

This is the single most effective marriage book ever! It is probably the only book men will enjoy reading to improve their marraige.

Its about giving the love she desperately needs, and giving the respect that he desperately needs. Its a cycle, without love, she acts without repect, without respect, he reacts without love, and on and on it goes. But if you go out of your way to show respect, not love, to your husband, he will MELT with love for you over time. Really! When I tell my husband how much I appreciate his strength and ability to move things I can't move, and how much I admire him for going to work every day if he feels like it or not just to be able to keep me at home with the kids, his chest just puffs right up! And in turn I get lots of love from him, doing those things I hate to do and repairs around the house, and more sweet foot rubs and on and on it goes.

Emerson Eggerichs explains how we hear and see in pink, and men hear and see in blue. I won't ruin his further explaination of that, because it is one of "Oh, wow!" reaction!

I lend my book out all the time. I buy this book for people. I recommend this book and conferences to everyone.

While this author is a Christian, and his ideas are based off of scripture, this book is still a must read for every couple.

One of my favorite things he says is "My response is my responsiblity. Sarah doesn't CAUSE me to be this way, she REVEALS the way I am."

You can see many clips from his conferences on his website This book is worth way more than the cost.

Last year for V-day I bought a heart box of candy, and I took out all the candy, and I even ate lots of it, hehe. I cut out a colored paper heart for each candy spot and wrote 3 categories on them: things I love about him, things I respect about him, and some coupons for free time on the the computer without nagging, etc. I rolled them up and tied with ribbon and put in the candy slots. Almost a year later he still has some of them! He loved it! And the kids and I enjoyed the candy, lol.

Show your husband respect every day from now until V-day, and watch him melt with love for you! Thats what works for me!

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Getting better!

Well, my blog seems to be taking a turn to the whiny side. Ok, here's some good coming out of all this, which we know has to come because God promised He would work all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. And we are called.
I was appointed the head of Ladies ministries very, very recently. Donnie is being voted on to start and lead a brand new men's ministry. We are both brainstorming to get the unchurched involved in church. Then the cars start breaking down.
Seeing a connection?
But good is already starting to happen. We got a loaner car while the car gets fixed today, its just the alternator, praise God! The loaner is a stick shift, so we got the opportunity last night to teach our teens to drive a stick! Thats important to us, even though we don't own one. And I figured I better go stock up majorly on groceries since I don't know when I'll have my van fixed. (which may only be as simple as an oil pump!) At Walmart as I was purchasing $480 worth of goods, the checker was just amazed beyond belief. So we got to have a chat on how when you trust God and open yourself to His will, He always, always provides.
We also got a gigantic tax refund, so we'll be able to handle these repairs without losing the house. God is so good! He timed things just right, as always!

February 05, 2007

Wow, and even worse, yet....... *updated

My husband just called and asked me to tape Heros for him because his car died AGAIN. I don't know how he's going to make it home. I can't go get him, I have no vehicle here that works either. He won't tell me where he is, he doesn't have a cell phone. (he says he doesn't know where he is, just somewhere on Rt. 10 at a gas station. I think he can be more specific, like between this town and that town, etc.)
I pray that his car starts right up with a jump and he gets home just fine. But I am thankful that this time there are no children with him.
He did get a jump and managed to drive somewhere and buy a new battery. He didn't change it out because the car was still working. He got quite close to home before it broke down again. A great guy named Donnie, and his son Levi, towed him to the next town behind their huge truck. A super guy with a southern accent and cool Harley jacket.
He went to change the battery, but the wrenches wouldn't fit the battery posts! UGH! And the gas station did not have ratchets! So, he jumped the car with the new battery! LOL He get in the car to head home, and it DIES. AGAIN. Yep. So, the thinking guy he is, the McGuiver wanna-be he is, puts the new battery on the floor at his feet, slips the cables out the door and into the hood, shuts it all up like that, starts the car and drives home like that!
Ok, totally redneck, yes. But he's home!

Apparently, it CAN get worse...

Last night, you know, in the -30 weather, our van broke down. Died. Dead. At night. With the 4 little kids in the van. And no cell phone.
It died on the over pass, but we got it started again. Praying and praying to just make it home. We're wearing our Sunday nice clothes and shoes. We don't want to walk, we can't walk.
Then it died again. And it would not start. Donnie tried pushing it for a little bit. Why, I don't know, so he felt like we were getting somewhere? It just would not start again. So I sent Cody off to a friend's house to come rescue us. They were a good 6-7 blocks away, but he was at least dressed for the walk with warm Polaris boots. We were about to give up and start walking because what if they weren't home? Where would Cody go? Another 7 blocks to our house? Come back? And it was better to start walking before we HAD to go because we were freezing. And NO ONE would stop with our flashers on and my dh pushing the van. All the houses were dark like no one was home or they were sleeping already.
But, just after we got out of the van our friend showed up with his truck and towed us home!
We had been at a friend's house, and they knew the van had acted funny on the way to their house, so they were going to come looking for us if we didn't call them. We called them just before they left to come find us!
Cody, however, did not do so well. The running with the cold air really hurt his lungs. He feels better now, but the rest of him is feeling hot and miserable.
This is how cold it is: our school NEVER takes a snow day, even when ALL the towns around us do. NEVER in the 5 years we've been here. Today they are 2 hours late JUST because of the COLD, not snow.
The up side to this, not that the van breaking is an upside, but we haven't gotten our taxes back yet, but all that needs to be done is bring our stuff in and they will put the money right on a credit card for us! We've already signed all the papers and everything! So Donnie dropped the papers off this morning. (if they were open) So, maybe today we will have the money to fix the van. In the meantime, I can't leave the house. And if you know me at all, thats fine with me! I HATE going outside, and when its cold, its even worse. All my kids are staying home from school except the high schoolers. And I'm glad, I don't want them out in this weather.
Donnie got to work, and got the tax stuff in, but his heater doesn't work in the car! He had to drive for an hour with no heat!

February 04, 2007

Sunday Festivus #4

Sunday Festivus is something started by Pam at Terrific Teens to gripe about yourself or something other than other people.

After swimming on Friday Devon wanted to go to a friend's house. After coming home to do his chores I had no problem with that. They are a few blocks from us, so Devon doesn't need a ride. It ended up that Devon didn't have his cell phone with him, so Kaytlin took it with her. Need I mention that we live in Minnesota and the weather has been 30 below windchill??

At midnight I started thinking Devon would be home any minute now. The people's house he was at do not have a home phone, so I can't call. Around 2am I'm panicing. What if he tried to walk home and froze to death? What if he is unconcious on the road with hypothermia, or in the hospital and no one knows who he is??? I tried at that point to call one of the boys' cell phone from Devon's cell, but the phone was off. And we aren't sure enough of what townhouse he is in to knock on doors at 2am.

By 4 I was praying and crying. I finally left him in God's hands and fell asleep around 5.

7:30am Donnie calls me and tells me his car is broke down and I needed to go get some things for him. I also needed gas. It was so cold that the gas pumps barely worked because of those liquid crystal screens, lol.

8am I finally leave Donnie and head to the store, only to find my wallet is gone. Gas station......... oh man! I go back and it isn't on the ground at the pump, and I know I had it in my pocket at the pump. Thankfully it was in the store and all cards and ID were there! Back to the store I go. But the brake light is on! Why??? After the store the light was off. Ok, fine.

I walk in the door and my husband had just called, he broke down AGAIN! And I still haven't heard from or found Devon. (I had driven by the school twice hoping to catch him before the bus left for a swim meet.)

I have two large cakes to make and I'm thinking that things are NOT going to go well in that area.

Finally, at 2pm Devon calls! OH MAMMA! I went nuts on him! Turns out he fell asleep over there. Why wouldn't the dad call me and let me know?

Well, the cakes turned out, thanks to a friend who came over and worked on them with me.

Today was our pastor's last Sunday and Samuel's dedication. Our drama kids did a couple of skits, and they were a big hit! (Donnie and I are the drama instructors for church) I'll try to get the drama's cut out of the service DVD and post them on youTube this week. And Samuel's dedication, too, for Grandparents who couldn't come because the weather is just tooooooo cold to risk driving this far.

Ahhhh. Much better getting all that out!

The good fun is that I got tons of diapers coming!

February 03, 2007

Sam's Motto

This is my super fantastic new diaper from Fuzzi Fannies! She is the maker of the Superman dipe I was drooling over. I couldn't snag a spot to get a Superman made, but I snagged this wonderful dipe that she calls a "second" but I think is perfect! It is the softest, most wonderful thing to touch! I would love underwear made of whatever incredible fabric is inside this!
I do have a Superman coming, though! I'll be posting about that as soon as I get it, some time next week. And I bought a bunch of superhero dipes off another site today, 2 Spidermans, a superman, and a batman, maybe dh will get excited about cloth diapering now. Well, I can hope, can't I?

February 02, 2007

Trinity Funnies!

Trinity walks in the bathroom on daddy, who stands up when he pees.
T- You have butt??
D- Um, thats not a butt. I'm a boy and boys have Pnis's. (I'm not spelling that out, you know why)
T- Oh, boys have pnis, girls have....... POOPis! (As she sticks her butt waaayyy out and smacks it a good one!)
D- (when he can talk again) Boys go poop, too, honey.
T- Oh, girls have.......... Privates!!!!!
D- Yes! Yes, privates! (relief evident, hehe)

(mom likes to use appropriate terminology, dad doesn't like to think his girls have women parts.)

February 01, 2007

Name Game

I stole this from kitkat...


2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first three letters of your name, plus izzle)

3. YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three of your last)

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (fav color and fav animal)
Pink Pomeranian

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, Street you live on):
Dawn 8th Ave.

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name, first 3 letters of mom’s maiden name)

7. SUPERHERO NAME: (favorite color, favorite drink)
Pink Pepper

8. YOUR IRAQI NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, any letter of your middle name, 2nd letter of your moms maiden name, 3rd letter of your dad’s middle name, 1st letter of a sibling’s first name, last letter of your moms middle name)

9. YOUR STRIPPER NAME: (the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/body spray)
Long Ago (Seriously! LOL)

10. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother & father’s middle name)
Gay William

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen reasons to have a large family!

1. Babies teach siblings about caring for little ones, being kind, protective and how not to be selfish.
2. Children make life interesting!
3. Large families have more opportunities to grow their faith as they watch God provide for them.
4. Having more Godly children has a bigger impact on the world.
5. Having children shows parents their flaws and helps them grow and get rid of sinfulness.
6. Children, and parents, get lots of practice in communication, sharing and compromising.
7. We'll have more people paying for our social security!
8. Babies show us how incredibly awesome our God is and how amazingly creative He is!
9. Many hands make light work!
10. I will never be lonely in my old age! Neither will my kids!
11. The kids always have someone to play with.
12. The kids always have someone to argue with. (but don't mess with my sibling! Only I can do that!)
13. Have you SEEN a baby? Hello! Nuff said! Get a whiff of that sweet baby head, the feel of a baby sigh on your neck, the warm little body cuddled into you...... oh the pure joy!

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