Our 7 Qtpies

January 16, 2012

Long-overdue update on the Qtpies!

My computer was hijacked by some some sort of virus that attacks google stuff, and I can't log into my blog! So, it's been a LONG time since I blogged something.

So, we have 9 people living here now. My mom and Donnie's dad both live here, as well as our last 5 kids. Devon is graduated and looking for where to go in life. Cody is adventuring into online school, and I am not looking forward to it, but it is something that needs to be done. Hope has taken tremendous leaps in her artistic abilities! Trinity is also excellent at drawing, and learning her math facts faster than ever. Sam is............ well, SAM. A terror who plays a mean video game at age 5. lol My mom recently moved in with her dog, and she is an amazing help to me. I have some weird back issues, and folding clothes is debilitating for me. So she has taken over the laundry, and I feel SO MUCH BETTER!

Hope just decided "Hey, I think I'll draw Marilyn Monroe." and this is what she did in about an hour! Amazing! Her art teacher is so proud of her and is encouraging her a ton. Plus my mom is an artist, so she is helping her with materials and encouragement, not to mention buying this picture.

We also received some rather exciting news from our newlyweds, Kaytlin and Peter. They are giving us a grandchild in the spring! Not planned, but so very, very much a blessing!

This is a rather early ultrasound, but as you can see, he is very much a boy! They will soon be getting another ultrasound, so it will hopefully be confirmed. Not that I need more proof!

For fun, here is a picture of Sam, being Sam. lol
I love that kid! His middle name means laughter, and he is a never-ending source of laughter!

In other news, I started selling Pure Romance. I LOVE it! Some people really wonder how I can do it, and I am pretty sure some friends have backed away because they really don't see how it could be Christian or Glorify God. And no, not all of the aspects of the business, or the customers, do. However, God created our bodies and meant them for extreme pleasure between a husband and wife, and it DOES glorify God when a married couple makes the effort to learn all that they can about each other in this area and strive to make it fun, pleasing and a JOY. The more pleasurable the intimate life is, the more wonderful the emotional life is! This business for sure has helped many Christian marriages reach new levels of intimacy and joy. I have been majorly blessed through Pure Romance, and I am so excited at the new levels of training I have been offered and the growth I have seen in the short time I have been doing this.

I was recently authorized to start a ladies small group in our church where we meet once a month and play games and eat and just get to know each other so we have new friends and someone to go to when we need to talk or need Godly advice. It was an almost instant hit! Our slow months are about 14 women now! Praise God! I am just blown away by the reach that this ministry is gaining. Women from all walks of life, all levels of hurt and self-destruction coming together to lift and be lifted! It is truly a marvel to see the love between everyone, no matter the life circumstance! I have not experienced that in any other church. It is truly humbling.

My life is drastically different that it was 2 years ago when everything in my perfect life fell apart. This path is so painful, and so wonderful at the same time! I am getting past the pain and living in joy about 99% of the time now. I don't think I ever saw myself where I am, but God sure knew, and I am ever thankful that He directs my paths!

MAM baby products are awesome!

Donnie and I seem to be past the baby phase ourselves, but we are stepping into even better territory of being grandparents! It is funny how much more fun this is! We have one baby granddaughter and will soon be welcoming a new grandson to the mix!
Recently I was sent some really great MAM baby products to check out. It is just amazing how much better things are since I started buying for my first child 22 years ago!

This great pacifier is a MAM Perfect pacifier.
This pacifier is 60% thinner and softer to help prevent dental misalignment, superior comfort and it is better for the skin with the extra holes for air flow.
They have so many great pacifiers to choose from! You can even get them personalized now!

The Anti-Colic bottle is just one of the innovative developments from the MAM design studio. Its vented base has small air holes and a silicone seal that allows for maximum air flow in while still preventing milk from leaking out. The vented base ensures controlled milk flow by balancing air pressure inside the bottle. Liquid is also pushed towards the nipple allowing it to retain its shape and preventing it from collapsing. All Anti-Colic bottles use MAM’s patented ultra soft silicone nipple. Transitioning from breast to bottle is simple because MAM ultra soft silicone nipples feel most like mom's breast.

Our Anti- Colic bottles also have a self- sterilization feature!

The Oral Care Rabbit is a fantastic way to introduce baby to daily oral care. It is a BPA-free product. You can use this to rub on baby's tender gums and also reach the harder to reach areas in the back of baby's mouth. Bonus, baby will love chewing on your fingers!

This starter teething ring and clip are great! It is lightweight for baby to be able to hold and with the attached clip, it will stay cleaner and always close by! I know that when I am looking for a teething ring I look for something light weight because even young babies who are just gaining muscles in their arms need something to chew on, and they drop it less when it isn't too heavy for them.

Finally, I think this is a top notch product! I love the innovative design with the little fingers on the teething part, that is shaped perfectly for little mouths!
This is called the Bite and Brush. It soothes baby's gums as well as cleaning those first teeth. Those silicone nubs clean the teeth when baby chews on it, and you can also use it with teething gel for ultimate soothing.

MAM, you are continually amazing us moms with your products that help us make our baby's life easier and more comfortable! I've been a customer for 22 years, and will continue to buy your products with my grandchildren!

I received several MAM products from MAM through Child's Play in order to facilitate a review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions.

Marina Games Take Out review

Take-Out is a really fun learning game from Marina Games! I received Take-Out to review recently and play it with Trinity, my 8 year old. She enjoys it so much that she tries to get everyone to play it with her!

Take-Out has 10 orange dice that you roll, then you roll the 2 white dice. The white dice tell you what number you need to remove from the orange dice. If you roll a combination of 6, then you have to remove any combination of orange dice that equals 6. You do that until all your orange dice are gone, so you have a total of zero.

This is fun AND educational! Trinity had to learn her math facts much faster in order to play against older kids and adults!

I highly recommend this game for anyone who wants to help their children learn their math facts without fighting with them. They do have a good chance of kicking your butt at this game!

I received this game from Marina Games and Family Review Networks in order to facilitate a review. I was not compensated for my opinion.