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March 31, 2007

Win a Dyson Vacuum!

Looky what exciting new prize is being given at 5 Minutes for Mom ! Stop on over there and enter this contest for the Dyson Slim. Unless, of course, you want me to win it, then stay away from their site and don't enter!
I bet this would be great for vaccuming my stairs! And it has to be lighter than my Kirby. I like my Kirby a lot, and it isn't TOO bad to lug around, but stairs are just not easy to do.

March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Things about Lisa
13 things I won't miss now that Trin is potty trained!
(I can't figure out how to get my pictures from my other computer so I can't do my cakes this week.)

1. Finding clothes I had washed, dried and folded thrown on the floor and peed on. (once)
2. Finding p00p under the crib. (Three times)
3. Finding p00p smeared all over the crib and rails. (Every. Single. Day. For a whole year. Sometimes more than once a day.)
4. Cleaning p00p out of every crack and crevis of the Little Tikes doll house.
5. Finding my bed peed in. (FOUR TIMES!!)
6. Cleaning the p00py skidmark out of the carpet going ALL THE WAY down the stairs.
7. Sitting down in my computer chair and getting a VERY wet back end. (NINE TIMES!!!)
8. Going into Trin's room late at night and smelling the odor and finding p00p smeared all over the bed and on a sleeping Trin, who then has to be woken up and bathed and sheets and blankets changed and washed. (twice)
9. Going in Trin's room and finding very dark circles on the floor and discovering yet another puddle on the carpet. (can't even count them)
10. P00p finger painted into the sheets.
11. Trail of p00p down the wall.
12. P00py hand prints on walls.
13. Scrubbing Trin from head to toe and getting p00 out of her fingernails and hair and belly button and toes and fingers and tummy and face and legs and clothes and............

We're done!!!!!!!

Now, on to Sam.

** I find it funny that these are so amusing to people. I didn't even mention the p00py figures she made and left on my banister like playdoh people! **

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March 28, 2007

My neice!

I made it to see my neice, Mac, finally! This is a pic of Sam and Mac. He is just 5 months and she is just a tad over 3 months. His hands are twice as big as her little ones!
At one point he rolled toward her and grabbed her little hand in his and just loved on her, it was so cute! And then she started the screaming. The screaming that she seems to like to do. It was heart-breaking! She cried lots and lots, and I just couldn't help her at all! My sister can't do much about it either, but her daddy? Not a thing! He had her for 4 hours one day and she screamed until she passed out on him! Please remember my sister in your prayers, this is really hard for her, she's a single mom and doesn't enjoy babies, so this is really hard. Its a real blessing that she is able to stay home for now, the father is paying all her bills for now, but that also means she doesn't get away from the screaming.
Funny thing was that no matter what we did, Mac kept screaming, after 1/2 an hour we couldn't take it anymore and my sis put her in her crib, and 5 minutes later she was happy. Weird, huh?
She is adorable, though, and I love her cute little crooked smile! I can't wait until next year at Christmas with 2 one year olds running around the house!
We'll have that on my husband's side as well, since his sister had a baby 6 weeks after Sam. Our sisters were due days apart!
I am getting a few calls that women are coming to the retreat! The speaker, who is my cousin, check out her blog Touching Heaven, has actually been what is keeping me even the least little bit positive about it all. She did not want to speak, and was going to say no, and then God gave her a title for her talk........... mmmhmmm, and she was still wanting to say no, but she got more and more ideas about it, and since they are planning to be missionaries she really needs to get this speaking thing started, right?? Our church is very loving and easy going, so we're a great place to start! (they deal with me, LOL, "Ummm, yeah, women's retreat this weekend, please, please sign up, I'm scared silly!") So, if God is preparing and sending a speaker, He must be planning to have listeners, right? I'm leaning on that.
Somehow I need to find time to bake a Lightning McQueen cake for Saturday pick-up. Maybe for tomorrow's TT I will post 13 cakes I've made.

March 25, 2007


How's that for a title? I win for most interesting title??? haha

I just don't even know what to say that would adequately reflect what happened in yesterday's meeting between us, the family in our church that have been an issue, and our pastor.
It has become blatantly obvious that her tongue is out of control, and she feels absolutely justified in what she says, and that it is other people's problems for taking it wrong. Its all misunderstandings, mostly on others parts, and that she isn't' sorry for saying things. Her apologies are for your feelings, not for causing them. There is no ownership.
I thought we had actually made it through, gotten to the point where she would "work on it" as her and her husband say, but then she suddenly dug her heels in and said that if we expect her to work on it and control her tongue, but she struggles with it for the rest of her life, then she shouldn't stay here. (trying to get me to say we won't hold her accountable for her words?)
So, there may be another meeting, or they may leave, by her choice, her husband obviously did not want to move on at that point, but he doesn't run the family, he must keep peace in order to be able to live there. It used to be that way in our house, too, and I praise God that He came into our lives and changed that. It was a horrible time in our marriage. Even though things went my way, I wasn't happy.
Now I need to set this aside, and focus my brain on this weeks activities.
I have a Women's Retreat to finalize and run. A cake order to fill. Go see my new niece. Get my son's tennis papers signed and payed for. I probably need to find the tennis racket and get it to him, I'd be surprised if he brought it to school. Plus a meeting for our new church pictoral directory.
I've learned something big in the last few weeks. Don't wait for the last minute to sign up for things, or show up when it starts. I'm planning the retreat, which can be as big as 100 people or as small as 30. But many people don't sign up in advance or pay in advance. I now have to plan for the right amount of crafts supplies, pizza's to buy, breakfast fixings to buy and cook, and if I can afford the speaker with only SIX people signed up! I have more people working it than are signed up! I can't afford that stuff out of my pocket. I have someone coming in for the craft, and even though she is not charging us for her time, we are paying for the supplies. I have a speaker coming, but the pastor said we do have a speaker budget, so I'm good there. But how many pizza's do I order? Do I order for those signed up? Do I order for what I think will happen, about 30 people? What if 50 show up? Do I say, "Sorry, you didn't sign up in advance, so you don't get to eat."???? So, I will be proactive in the future. I did get up in front of church and told everyone that I really needed to know so I could plan for food and stuff, and I think 4 people responded. Mmmhmm. I even let them know that I was scared silly because this is my first event, and since there were more people working than were signed up, I was getting more than a bit nervous! Still, not much help.
I am going to have to seriously pray all week about what to plan, buy, etc. I'll be leaning on God heavily. Our pastor and the former women's ministry leader both encouraged me to keep it going, people will come.
Whew. Why did I agree to make a cake for the same weekend as the retreat? Why, you may ask. Cause I'm crazy. Really, I just love making cakes, and this is a new customer. And she is willing to order from me when she is more than an hour drive from me. Plus I have never done a Lightning McQueen cake! Although there HAS been a search result that led to my sight with that search "lightening McQueen cake." AFTER I had agreed to do it, but I have never posted on it! LOL Surely that's a good sign!
Why am I squeezing going to see my sister into this week? Its 2.5 hours each way, but I have not seen my 3 month old niece yet. I feel like the most horrible aunt! We don't have our van running yet, so I can only go Sunday afternoons or Tuesdays when Donnie is off. Sundays have been crazy, with Drama, the crazy church lady, getting the pictoral directory worked out, banquets that we don't know about that suddenly need Donnie to drop his life and come run the A/V stuff with NO notice at all. Stuff like that. Throw in weeks and weeks of sick kids and I'm just tied down to this town. I've decided that Tuesday is off limits for anything. I am going to go visit my sister and my nieces. I would love it if my husband would come with me and we could leave things behind for a day, but he has more A/V stuff at church. (no one volunteers for that after 6+ months of offering classes for people, he pretty much has to sign people up and say you better come learn it before you have to do it. Donnie and my boys were the only ones who could do it until recently!)
You know what? We have a great church! I don't mean to imply that we don't. We just have a problem volunteering ourselves, and are notorious for signing up at the last minute.

March 23, 2007

A little end of week humor!

I've been so busy and stressed out this week that I haven't had time on the computer, and yesterday one of my children was on my computer almost all day doing online school work, so I couldn't get on to post my Thursday Thirteen. I've thought about doing it today, but I'll wait.
Trinity seems to be potty trained. There have been accidents, but many good days, and no more playing in her po*p. We have to go and see her droppings on the toilette and do the Po*py Dance, but that's a small price to pay to not have to scrub it off walls.
Sam, at 4.5 months, is getting teeth. They come and go, and bother him a lot, but have not broke through. I don't want them to come for a few more months, but I'd rather they come through than torture him.

Ok, I promised humor, so I really should deliver, right?
My dd is in a small group of girls with a group leader. The girls love her so much, I can't even tell you how much. It borders on worship, lol. So, leader tells Kaytlin that she has to show up to church on Saturday and help roll bandages for a missionary thingy. As they are working Leader says to Kaytlin "Remember the movie we watched on Wednesday? Well, you be the concubine! Be the concubine!" Kaytlin is just loving this encouragement, right? So, this other lady in the church gets this horrified look on her face! She can't believe this is just said! So she says "Leader, do you know what a concubine is? Its a prostitute!" So Leader and Kaytlin are laughing so hard that they are both in tears. Here is why:
Last week our youth group watched the movie "Harvest" which is about some family, a dad dying, farm needs to be harvested, and the son suddenly hears a thunder as things seem hopeless, and all these combines start coming down the road to help them.
She meant to say "Be the combine!" Now she has to stick with "Be the tractor." because even explaining it she still says concubine!
So, Sunday I find her in the nursery, and we are alone. I say to her "Leader, I need to talk to you about something you've said to the girls." She takes a deep breath, sits down, lets it out and says "Ok." I said "I hear you have been telling our daughters to be concubines." She busted out laughing! It was great!
If that wasn't funny enough, here's something else.

Minnesota Women
Three men were sitting together bragging about how they had given their new wives duties.
The first man had married a Woman from Colorado and had told her that she was going to do dishes and housecleaning. It took a couple days, but on the third day he came home to a clean house and dishes washed and put away.
The second man had married a woman from Nebraska. He had given his wife orders that she was to do all the cleaning, dishes, and the cooking.The first day he didn't see any results, but the next day he saw it was better. By the third day, he saw his house was clean, the dishes were done, and there was a huge dinner on the table.
The third man had married a girl from Minnesota. He told her that her duties were to keep the house cleaned,dishes washed, lawn mowed, laundry washed and hot meals on the table for every meal. He said the first day he didn't see anything, the second day he didn't see anything, but by the third day some of the swelling had gone down and he could see a little out of his left eye, enough to fix himself a bite to eat and load the dishwasher.

March 21, 2007

Wordy Wednesday??

I don't really have a wordless Wednesday, but I just have to post this pic! Sam is just so cute!
I have so much I want to say, but I really shouldn't, or can't say.
Things are hopefully going to get better at our church. I'm not sure if it will end with everyone staying in our church, though. People are talking, and headway seems to be being made. Things got ugly, but hopefully will get cleaned up by next week.
I've had to eat humble pie a couple of times in the last month. Not fun. And that is why I had to remove my post. Way too much information, plus something that was stated in a way that could be interpretted in the wrong way because of how I said it, not because of what I actually feel. I was wrong, and I had to apologize.
I could keep going, there is just so much on my mind and I can barely get to sleep at night. Ugh. Well, we meet with the couple who are involved in the situation on Sunday, and hopefully things will be spoken with wisdom and things are heard with understanding.
But isn't Sam just too cute?!

March 16, 2007

A church torn apart. *Updated

Post removed. Thank you for your kind words.

March 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Things about Lisa
13 Politicaly correct terms

1. Ignorant - factually unencumbered
2. Road Kill - Vehicularly Compressed Maladapted Life Form
3. Grounded- you’ve hit a social speed bump
4. Frog - amphibian American
5. Gang - Youth Group
6. Body Odor - nondiscretionary fragrance
7. Cowboys - bovine control officers
8. Dead - living impaired
9. Dish Washer - utensil sanitizer
10. Gas Station Attendent - petroleum transfer technician
11. Vomiting - Unplanned Reexamination of Recent Food Choices
12. Gossip-the speedy transmission of near-factual information
13. Bad hunter- Vegetarian

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Job update

I had a second interview this week for the secretary position. It went really, really well. I was very happy with it. However, I was really torn, I did not want to work right now, but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to work there because I love working there. Before I went in the for interview I prayed that God would make it perfectly clear to the people deciding who should be in the position.
All three people who had a second interview were well qualified, and it was a hard choice, but our pastor put us on a point system, and I was half a point under the person they hired. I am soooo happy! I really am glad that I did not get hired! Besides, this lady, whom I have not met yet, was an office manager, so I'm sure she's more qualified than I am. Down the road, when I don't have an infant, I would love to work there.
And more importantly, haha, I love my life right now. I have great friends and I am very involved in some things that I just don't want to give up. God will find a way for us to get the van fixed, so I'm not looking for a different job. And I don't have to give up spending time with my friends. And a job won't interfere with my being the women's ministry leader.
God's perfect will happened! I'm still hoping that the former sec. will get over what I said and we can still be friends. I'll be giving her a going away present, I just haven't decided what. She did such a great job for our church, and we will miss her so much. I pray she gets a fantastic new job soon.

March 11, 2007

Sunday Festivus #6

Sunday Festivus is something started by Pam at Terrific Teens to gripe about yourself or something other than other people.
I am so sad that I cannot potty train Trinity. What am I doing wrong? She is over 3 years old!
A couple of days ago I thought we hit a breakthrough. She came and sat on my lap and I said "I love you!" And she said "I love you, too, Mommy!"
Me: "I'm glad you are my baby!"
Trin: "I not a baby, I a big girl!"
Me: "Then why did you pee on my computer chair, and on my bed?"
Trin: "I sorry, mommy! I not do that again! I pee in the potty chair."
Me: "Oh, good."
And she has been! All day yesterday she used the toilette. All day. Then I put her to bed and she took her diaper off and peed all over her bed in her sleep, even on her pillow. Most of today she used the toilette. She had one accident today. Great! So I put her off to bed tonight after a pretty good day. Then I went to put Sam to bed. I snuck over to tuck her back in the blankets. What did I find?? She'd taken her diaper off. After she po*ped. And played in it.
I'm really nauseated tonight. I read someone's blog off of my favorite place, diaper swappers, and she had a link to a really gross video. The top ten zits, cysts, etc. on you tube. It was really gross and fascinating! I ended up watching it three times, and I don't normally have a weak stomach, but even my teen boys were feeling like puking. But we couldn't turn away, lol. So, its self-inflicted. Still not fun, though.
I'm really not happy with myself about something else, too. I quit working 1 1/2 years ago. I was working for a construction company, and aside from the fact that my bosses were nuts, (my direct supervisor was great, the owners were nuts) they were doing some "creative bookkeeping" and wanted me to do things that I just could not do, like put things done for this insurance adjuster's house on someone else's tab, getting the insurance to pay for it.
After that, I did a little bit of subbing for our church secretary. I absolutely loved it! I basically told God that if I ever have to work I would like to work there, but I didn't want to replace the secretary, just get her job if she gets a better one and moves on. Its been a long time now, and she recently put in her resignation.
Wow, most of our vehicles do not work, we eventually need a new roof, (very soon), and we could use a little more money to get out of debt. Then this dream job opens up! Well, of course I have to apply! But I have a 4 month old, so I really don't want to work right now. I am completely torn.
Well, I thought I was pretty good friends with our secretary. We have always gotten along really well, I even watched her teenage son for a weekend. (she does not go to our church, so we only know each other because of her working there) So, thinking she was moving on to another job, I told her how funny it was that I had prayed about wanting her job if I ever had to work. She shut right down. I have apologized to her, but I think she is still really hurt. Now I know that she didn't leave with something lined up. She did tell me that she doesn't know why God had her leave, but that she does believe it will be better for her and better for our church. So I don't understand why she is so upset with me. I didn't WANT her to quit, and I do NOT want to work right now.
And I feel bad that she is telling people that noone that applied is qualified, when I am actually qualified. She specifically told a friend of mine that noone was qualified to do the quickbooks or payroll. I did quickbooks AND payroll on quickbooks (which she doesn't do yet) for 6 months at my job! One of the software that the sec needs to know was bought by my husband and is run by him, and I have run it. There is one thing I do not know, but everyone says that is not important because its easy and not a big deal.
I really thought she would enjoy training me as much as I would enjoy learning from her. Could I have really blown it that bad by telling her that?
Now I have to decide if I really even want to work. Can I work? The babysitting seems to be working out pretty well up until September. And I can keep nursing Sam because my son can drive him up during the day to nurse. The kids can even hang out at church occasionally. Its not every day work, either, so Sam and Trin would only have sitters 3 days a week.
I just need to keep praying. I don't want to work if I don't have to, but if it is where God wants me, then I would LOVE to work at our church.

Minnesota's Ten Commandments

1. Der's only one God, ya know.
2. Don't make that fish on your mantle an idol.
3. Cussing ain't Minnesota nice.
4. Go to church even when you're up nort.
5. Honor your folks.
6. Don't kill. Catch and release.
7. There is only one Lena for every Ole. No cheatin'.
8. If it ain't your lutefisk, don't take it.
9. Don't be braggin' about how much snow ya shoveled.
10. Keep your mind off your neighbor's hotdish.

March 09, 2007

The most powerful weapon on Earth... a devotional

The kids love doing family devotions. And our favorite ones came from these series by Heritage Builders! They have a great example on their website about toothpaste, but it didn't work for us, our son got the toothpaste back in the tube. It cost us $20. They still got the point, though. Well, in one of the books there was a devo on the Most Powerful Weapon on Earth. Donnie stood outside with the weapon while I took turns sending the kids outside to touch it with a blindfold and see if they can figure it out. They got to go out and touch it and hold it and try to guess before we allowed them to see it. It was a tongue. We used a cow tongue, which is really heavy and gross, lol. I think they even suggest using one in the book. We got one because we had actually bought a 1/4 of a cow. Anyways, the tongue is the most powerful weapon on Earth. What you say cannot be taken back and it has the power to do lasting damage. It also has the power to do major good. It made for a great discussion and family time. Combined with the toothpaste activity, the kids were really set to thinking about things.


I went a blog hopping yesterday and came across this post at The Mother Load. Entropy. Basically it means all things are heading for chaos, disaster, or destined to fall apart unless acted on by another force.
Fall apart.
To break down.
You know, your house will become a disaster unless acted on my someone to clean it up. Your car will break down unless worked on by a mechanic. It needs maintainance.
I've been watching my family breaking down. It scares me. Why are we having disrespect? We've never tolerated it, its always been very easy to keep our home respectful. But lately that has been gone, we've been constantly dealing with disrespect. The kids to us, us to the kids. And other things, too. Things are falling apart. We had a wonderful, well behaved, loving, respectful family. Now its a struggle.
We stopped working on it. I guess we felt we had instilled those things and then dropped the ball. We stopped, gradually, family prayer times and devotions. Eventually it was not even thought of to have a family prayer. Devotions? Oh, yeah, I remember that!
I need to act on this.

March 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen Things about Lisa
thirteen ways to embarass your kids

1. When talking to them on the cell phone, keep repeating "I love you." until they have to repeat it in front of their friends.

2. Dad to do cheerleading stunts at their soccer (sports) events.

3. When the kids leave up their IM's, get on and tell thier friends "I'm so pretty!" Or talk to their friends and tell them juicy things about your kids, like "We call Drew a Giant Hobbit because he is soooo tall and has the hairiest ankles ever."

4. Talk to their friends. Better yet, volunteer to be leaders of things they are involved in. Then their friends will think you are cool, and your kids will be really embarassed. Their friends like it when you tell them things about your kids. (we are the Drama leaders, lol)

5. Chew out stores for having bad customer service, or screw up your order. (my teens hide their faces in hoodies when we go through the McDonald's drive through)

6. Tell embarassing stories about them in front of them. Like the time they did something nekkid, hehe.

7. Talk about their favorite bands and stuff, and be totally dumb about it. (apparently Alien Youth is not a band, but a CD title by dd's favorite band Skillet. No wonder I couldn't find it.)

8. Try to be cool, use their slang. (My mom did this. "Gel out!" instead of chill out in the 80's)

9. Get caught making out with your spouse. Man, the kids hate that! (Cody told us to get a room one time! LOL) (oh and our pastor caught us kissing at church, lol, that was funny!)

10. Check all their "stuff" regularily, like emails, IM's over their shoulders, their MySpaces.

11. Lick your finger and wipe their face in front of their friends.

12. Talk. Exist. You know, just be yourself.

13. Blog about them.

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March 05, 2007

Party Day 4!

This is a pic, obviously, of a giant icicle off our house after the lovely blizzard in Minnesota last weekend. This kids have had a blast with all the snow, and making forts with huge icicle bars sticking out. My dd is 5'4" if that gives you a clue as to how big that icicle is!

Normally I would NEVER put an ugly pic of me up, but this one I am because its actually really, really funny!
Trinity, who is 3yo came up to me and told me to smile. How cute! She's playing photographer! And then the Red Eye flash went off and I realized that not only was she able to WORK A DIGITAL CAMERA, she was about to take my picture when I had not showered and had no make-up on! I can barely operate a cell phone, so this amazes me. She's likely to be one of those kids who buys a car on ebay with his parents account. *update: I originally posted this as a Wordless Wednesday post, and it took me two hours to figure out that today is Monday, so really, I think posting an ugly pic is my just desserts for being stupid, hehe.

I also want to let everyone who is a Veggie Tales lover know about the new movie! It just came out and if you order through Veggie Tales mom for a limited time, on the featured links, you get this hat and mask with it for free! Click on the picture to get to the website. A friend of mine is a Veggie Mom consultant. I should be getting my copy tomorrow!

Happy Blog partying! Blog party begins! Day 2 of the blog party! (this is where the funny stories are!) Party day 3!

March 04, 2007

Party day 3!

Welcome to the third day of the Ultimate Blog Party! Stop on by the big party hub at 5 Minutes for Mom! Lots of great people to meet, and lots of prizes! Who doesn't love prizes?

Yesterday I wanted to share some great stories with you guys, something to make you laugh for Day 2 of the blog party! Today I want to take the story a different route.
Veggie Tales is a very popular kids (and adults, admit it!) video set. The company has taken to the home party circuit. I think it is wonderful! I love these movies and buy them frequently, so why wouldn't I want some of that money to help out a mom?
Last week I went to a show and was able to get a preview of Veggie Tales new movie, which is a sequel to Little Joe, called Moe and the Big Exit. Its a very cute movie, and the kids just love it! Right now it is on sale for $12.99 and comes with a free hat and mask! You must get this in the featured link or it is $14.99.
My very good friend Jean is a Veggie Mom sales consultant. This is a shameless plug for her! I love these movies, and I know many of you do, too. So, please check out her site and maybe order the new movie. Also, remember that Easter is coming up and there is a really cute Easter movie called An Easter Carol, and there is a music cd called A Very Veggie Easter.

For those of you who have teens, there is a CD called Veggie Rock that has many of your kids favorite bands, like Skillet, Rebecca St. James, and News Boys!
I have three teens, and when they found out I was going to a Veggie Tales show they ALL THREE gave me a list of movies to order!

March 03, 2007

Day 2 of the blog party!

Its day two and if you haven't joined stop here for a look at whats going on! Its the biggest internet party I have ever seen! I am really enjoying going from blog to blog reading about people and finding some really funny people. I love to laugh, so I am going to send you to some of my all time favorite posts ever! They all made me laugh until I not only had tears running down my cheeks, but my family thought I had completely lost all touch with reality.
An Open Letter by one of my favorite bloggers It Coulda Been Worse is funny for all you who are PMS'ing. But my favorite post by her ever, make sure no one is around you who would not want you laughing hysterically, like if you are at work.... is this post The Perfect Gift. This story will make you popular with your friends! Its a great party story!
Another story that gets my friends all in giggles and snorts is this one at Raising Future Esthers. This one'll get your pregnant friends peeing their pants! I know, I told it to my pregnant friend!
I found this on a TT post, that I don't want to link to because, although the TT was great, she is an erotic novelist, so her site is not something I'd want to send readers to, just in case. But if you want to know, leave me a comment and I'll email it to you!
So you think you are having a bad day? Thank the Lord that you are not this guy!
We've all had trouble with our animals, but I don't think anyone can top this one:Calling in sick to work makes me uncomfortable. No matter how legitimate my excuse, I always get the feeling that my boss thinks I'm lying.
On one recent occasion, I had a valid reason but lied anyway, because the truth was just too darned humiliating. I simply mentioned that I had sustained a head injury, and I hoped I would feel up to coming in the next day. By then, I reasoned, I could think up a doozy to explain the bandage on the top of my head.
The accident occurred mainly because I had given in to my wife's wishes to adopt a cute little kitty. Initially, the new acquisition was no problem. Then one morning I was taking my shower after breakfast when I heard my wife, Deb, call out to me from the kitchen. "Honey! The garbage disposal is dead again. Please come reset it." "You know where the button is," I protested through the shower pitter-patter and steam. "Reset it yourself!" "But I'm scared!" she persisted. "What if it starts going and sucks me in?"
There was a meaningful pause and then, "C'mon, it'll only take you a second." So out I came, dripping wet and butt naked, hoping that my silent outraged nudity would make a statement about how I perceived her behavior as extremely cowardly. Sighing loudly, I squatted down and stuck my head under the sink to find the button.
It is the last action I remember performing.
It struck without warning, and without any respect to my circumstances.
No, it wasn't the hexed disposal, drawing me into its gnashing metal teeth.
It was our new kitty, who discovered the fascinating dangling objects she spied hanging between my legs.
She had been poised around the corner and stalked me as I reached under the sink, and at the precise moment when I was most vulnerable, she leapt at the toys I unwittingly offered and snagged them with her needle-like claws.
I lost all rational thought to control orderly bodily movements, blindly rising at a violent rate of speed, with the full weight of a kitten hanging from my masculine region.
Wild animals are sometimes faced with a "fight or flight" syndrome. Men, in this predicament, choose only the "flight" option. I know this from experience. I was fleeing straight up into the air when the sink and cabinet bluntly and forcefully impeded my ascent. The impact knocked me out cold.
When I awoke, my wife and the paramedics stood over me. Now there are not many things in this life worse than finding oneself lying on the kitchen floor butt naked in front of a group of "been-there, done-that" paramedics. Even worse, having been fully briefed by my wife, the paramedics were all snorting loudly as they tried to conduct their work, all the while trying to suppress their hysterical laughter......and not succeeding.
Somehow I lived through it all. A few days later I finally made it back in to the office, where colleagues tried to coax an explanation out of me about my head injury. I kept silent, claiming it was too painful to talk about, which it was.
"What's the matter?" They all asked, "Cat got your tongue?"
If they only knew!

Once you can see through the tears, please pass that on! Oh, and no, your husband will NOT laugh at that post. Neither will any of your sons or brothers or dad. They really won't find it funny. But all your best girl friends will!

I hope I've made your day! I know each one of those posts has completely changed my day when I found them!

March 02, 2007

Blog party begins!

Click here to visit Day 2 of the blog party! I've broke out the funny stories to make you laugh!

Today is the first day of the Ultimate Blog Party! Click the button on the left over there and go check it out. There will be prizes.......... And lots of great blogs to check out.

I'm a quiverful mom to 7 great kids, whom I lovingly refer to as qtpies. I'm passionate about babies, cloth diapers, blogging, Diet Dr. Pepper, reversals, not vaccinating, God and my family. You can read more about me at 100 Things about me.

If you read my blog, you will soon see that there is a lot of pooooop here. (gotta mispell that, you wouldn't believe the searches that lead here!) After 5 perfectly potty trained children, I have met my match. And we have all sorts of messes around here. But this too shall pass.

We are snowed in, so I have 6 wonderful days with all the kids home 24/7, so my party hopping may be limited.

I'm off to join some other parties! Leave a comment so I can come find you and say "Hello."
And try to visit Day 2 of the blog party! on my main page to see my current post, full of laugh out loud funny stories!

March 01, 2007

100 Things about me

I missed my 100th post! I don't know how I did that, I saw it was coming, but wasn't paying that close of attention. Of course since I've only been blogging for about 6 months, I can say that I must be pretty windy, lol.

1. I'm became a Christian in 1993.
2. I've seen a demon. It was when I was a 6th grader. I was definately hanging out with the wrong friend, her sister was into some deep, dark stuff.
3. My parents divorced when I was 3. It was hard, and I don't think I gave up on them getting back together until I was at least in my early-mid 20s.
4. I've lived in more homes than I can count. I know its been more than 30 homes. Three states and two countries.
5. I've always wanted to have a large family, I just didn't see it going past 5 kids.
6. Now I don't see it going past 8 kids, but I really hope I have 9, because I want to have twins.
7. I really, really want to have twins, I won't stop wanting to have babies until I've had twins. I pray for it with every pregnancy, even after the baby comes out, I wait for a surprise baby to show up every time.
8. I had a hard time in school growing up. I couldn't even manage the B honor roll.
9. I went to a year of college when I was 32, and I left with a 3.98! What happened?!
10. I'm very leary of vaccines, hate them, but I absolutely think it needs to be a parent's choice. Never the governments.
11. I need close friends in my life. I just feel horrible when I don't have one.
12. I'm way too addicted to my computer.
13. I'm seriously addicted to cloth diaper shopping!
14. Oh, I can't stop talking about cloth diapers! I know my friends want to smack me.
15. My husband had a vasectomy while I was pregnant with our fifth child.
16. I wanted him to get it reversed a couple years later.
17. He laughed at me.
18. God told him to get it reversed.
19. I have two reversal babies now!
20. The reversal was amazing! I even got to watch in the microscope and help hold dh's skin back while the doctor worked because his nurse was puking from her chemo.
21. The doctor's wife and 1yo grandson were standing in the door to the surgery room talking to us. It was great!
22. I love watching Scrubs.
23. I'm really close friends with my mom.
24. I think there is only one thing I'm keeping from her. Which keeps it off my blog, lol. Hi, mom!
25. Oh my gosh, I'm only 1/4 of the way through this list!
26. I have a mean sense of humor, according to my dh. I love watching people fall, get balls in the groin, whacked in the head, etc.
27. I like to scare people.
28. My dd15 is scared to open the bathroom door now.
29. My husband accidentally scared me so badly that I screamed and screamed and screamed, then laughed and cried on the adrenaline for 30 minutes.
30. I thought it was absolutely THE best scare ever!
31. My dd15 thinks I need mental help.
32. I dropped my kids off for church one Sunday and came back home for some cakes that I didn't want stepped on by them. I walked in and saw a man standing in my kitchen. I screamed. My son sat there eating his cereal looking at me, trying to figure out why I was screaming at him. I forgot he was still home before going to work.
33. It was also an awesome scare!
34. I don't like chocolate.
35. I can't stop eating chocolate. Every day I must eat it.
36. Now that we've had the vasectomy reversed, we are quiverful, meaning we won't ever prevent pregnancy again. No birth control, and no sterilization.
37. I'm only 35, so that is scarey to me. I could have 10 more kids!
38. I trust God. He won't give me more than I can handle and afford.
39. Every time we have had another child, God has increased our income and living situation so that we could easily handle it.
40. I love Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper.
41. I love my friends! Sheree, Jody, Sarah, you guys are my best friends, and I thank God for you guys! You have all 3 filled a spot in me in a very lonely time and place, and I know that you are all God-give to me.
42. I love cats, but we've rarely had cats we could stand since we've been married.
43. Dogs are not my thing. But I love our hero!
44. When I was a junior in high school I told my German teacher I would live in Germany when I got out of high school.
45. I got pregnant in high school, and had my first child on the date we had planned for our wedding!
46. We moved to Germany after I graduated. I didn't know we'd be moving there when I said that to my teacher!
47. I had 3 kids in Germany.
48. I moved there preggo, and left there preggo.
49. I started a crisis pregnancy center in Germany. But I've never set foot in it.
50. I'm only half way through this list!
51. I don't like hugs. I tolerate them, and am even not uncomfortable with some people, Sarah. She knows, but she hugs me anyways, and I'm glad.
52. I have some very smart kids. Drew is VERY intelligent, like Harvard smart, but still not very smart.
53. Kaytlin is an A honor roll student all the time, she works so hard and it amazes me.
54. Devon is smart, but doesn't get the grades, he is injured from vacinnes. He is very smart, but the processing goes too slow. He is an awesome athlete.
55. I wet the bed until preteens.
56. God has a way of showing me whats going on in my family just when I need to know it, and it is always amazing to me how things unfold so perfectly.
57. I HATE doing dishes.
58. Gosh, this is hard!
59. I don't drink milk, so I give myself to eat as much ice cream as I want so I get my calcium.
60. I am really, really tired of cleaning up Trinity's poo*py. Will it ever end?
61. Why is it all my kids are nose pickers?
62. I am petrified of spiders.
63. I will call my husband to come home from work to kill one.
64. He won't come home and kill it.
65. I see even a tiny spider smaller than an M&M and I get nauseated.
66. I can't even touch a dead one with a bunched up paper towel.
67. Don't ask me to touch the picture of the spider, I don't find that funny.
68. Ticks are arachnids, I can't touch those either, even when they are on my child.
69. My husband is my high school sweetheart.
70. I met him at 14, started dating him at 15, and we've been married just about 18 years!
71. Sometimes he irritates the bejeebers out of me.
72. We do NOT have the same sense of humor. At all.
73. We thought my family was psycho and needed mental help when we got married.
74. Now that we know his family better, we think mine is close to normal. And I call my mom's family reunion the "Looney bin", so you can guess how strange his family is. The just seem normal. (they don't read my blog, whaaahahaaa)
75. If you relatives on mom's side are reading this, you have to admit its like a looney bin over there.
76. My cousin Debbie used to babysit my brother Shane and I and her two sisters, Dori and Nicky. Shane never got in trouble cause she loved him more. So we had it out for her. And Shane.
77. My favorite game when I was about 8th grade, was called Dunk-a-Shane. I used to sing that song "duncashein, darling duncashein", as I would dunk my brother Shane in the pool over and over and over.
78. Shane didn't like that game. He's even blocked it out of his memory, lol.
79. I am a ball magnet. If there is a ball flying through the air, it will be sucked right to my head.
80. I have 4 brothers. I know a lot about flying balls.
81. I love blogging. But this is not easy.
82. I still miss my grandpa who died in 1988. I cry when I think of him the last few years.
83. I really like jewelry. Very often when my dh gives me jewelry, I get pregnant at the same time.
84. Three of my kids were concieved at the same time I got jewelry. My engagement ring: Drew. Third anniversary ring: Devon. Valentine's Day bracelet and earrings: Samuel. The other jewelry I've recieved from him was during the years he had a vasectomy.
85. I got jewelry this year for Valentines Day. We'll have to wait and see what happens.........
86. I saw Willie Nelson when we were camping when I was a kid.
87. He camped in a teepee, and he was bar-b-queing a tarantula when we left. I don't know if he ate it or not.
88. I love cloth diapers! I hope I have a girl soon so I can buy some cute girly dipes!
89. I turned 25 TEN YEARS AGO. That hit me hard this week. Not that 35 bothers me, but that 25 was that long ago is just amazing.
90. Its really, really neat to have a child way taller than I am who needs to shave, and having a newborn baby boy at the same time. Gosh, it is just amazing!
91. I am really strict with my kids about some things, but I am not very good at sticking to discipline in other things.
92. I won't allow dating, but I won't stick to a grounding about not doing chores.
93. I hate being outside. I don't care how nice it is outside.
94. I hate camping. Its outside, and there are spiders and ticks.
95. I love reading romance novels. Jeanette Oke and Beverly Lewis are my favorite authors.
96. I've always been really strong emotionally. Now I cry at the thought of my dd15 growing up and moving away from me, which isn't even close to happening!
97. I love tourist traps! Bring on the souveniors!
98. Donnie loves a quiet log cabin in the woods. Complete opposites.
99. I like playing cards and board games.
100. I love my God, my family, my friends, my church, my community. I am very happy in life right now.

Whew. I didn't think I was going to get that done!

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Things about Lisa
13 keyword searches people used to find my site

1. Forebag and squatting- 2 different people on the same day!
2. I hated homeschooling
3. washable marker stain off couch
4. how to get sylicone out of a dryer- weird, this led to a post about Trinity putting a pull up in the wash
5. Omelette's in a bag
6. nueschwanstein- that would be to The clock
7. $15 paypal rebate
8. she peed her pants
9. delivering 3rd child contractions 5 minutes apart- this would be my birth stories
10. Spank peed
11. fiddledeedee blogspot
12. butt swatting
13. spank her hiney

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