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December 31, 2008

Wordless Wednesday ~ Only in my family

I have to say, they did this because their last name is Wiener, but still, only in my family. The soap is made by a cousin of mine.

December 30, 2008

Thank you, Sensa!

I am nearing the end of month 3 on Sensa
Feeling full doesn't come from your stomach being full, it comes from your satiety center in your brain. Sensa tastants trick your satiety center into feeling full. You can eat all you want, any foods at all, but you will feel full faster and eat much less food. 

I promised to give this a try, and I am halfway through. At this point I would not say that there is a huge weight loss from using it, I am stuck at the 5lb mark. However, I am NOT GAINING WEIGHT after Thanksgiving and a zillion Christmas parties! Sensa's track record with women shows that the weight loss starts going faster after month 3. I am excited to see if that happens. 

But I am very thrilled with a different effect that I have had after using Sensa. 

Thanks to Sensa, I Queen size nylons FALL OFF OF ME! 

I can feel bones that I didn't feel before. Like my cheek bones and my hips and ribs. I am just amazed when I put my hands on my hips and feel bone. I don't know how the inches are falling off but not the pounds. My jeans are getting pretty loose. I have been known to sport a plumbers *ahem* lately. My other pants are starting to feel comfortable. 

I really am so much less hungry now. There are days when I do feel hunger, and I eat then. And big events can be difficult. It is hard not to sit and snack while playing cards with my family or at an event where we are all snacking. Even though I am FULL. That is my issue, though, because Sensa has made me feel full. When I think about it, I am easily able to get a grip on that social eating. 

I also have lost my desire for my weakness foods. I really don't care about cheesecake, candy, etc, nearly as much. It is rare that I even want it, much less can eat it. 

I am leaning on the side of Sensa working well at the half-way mark. The pic of me in red is before starting Sensa, and the other one is me after almost 3 months. I am not sure if you can tell, but my face is a bit smaller. I will have to get a picture of me in the red shirt and white capris for a better comparison soon. (like when I feel like doing laundry)


I re-read my dating post and I wanted to clarify something that I wrote that sounded different than I meant it. 

I said that I don't think Shelby is the one for Drew.  Then I went on with some things about them. But those had nothing to do with why I say that. I had felt that way before meeting her. I know that I am going to "know" when it is right. God has blessed me with that gift with my kids. I just KNOW when something is good or not good with them.  So I am assuming I will know when it is the right person. (I haven't been wrong yet on the wrong people for Drew and Devon!) 

After I met Shelby, I would love it if she was the one, it just didn't change my gut feeling. After talking with Shelby about things I didn't know, and were none of my business, I am even more wishing I didn't feel that they are not the right people for each other. 

If they prove me wrong, I won't complain. After they grow up a bunch and become equally yoked. After all, it isn't every day that you come across a girl who isn't afraid to have a bunch of kids. You need a brave one to attempt life with Drew with his mom and all her friends praying Drew will have 7 daughters. 

December 28, 2008

My Controversial views on Dating

I seem to have very, um, different views on my children dating. It is very hard to find parents who feel the same way, and even more difficult for my children to have friends who practice our ways. They sort of feel freakish sometimes, I think.
I believe they would feel better about it if they were fully on-board with our views, but they are not. Or they are until hormones kick in, then they get very secular all of a sudden. LOL

We do not feel that they should date in high school at all. There is absolutely no call for it. Dating is to find a spouse, and they are not ready for a spouse. I know that many people think it is just fun, but it isn't. It isn't "fun" and it isn't "harmless" in our opinions. And I don't believe that God thinks it is harmless, either.

I won't pretend to think that I know when God is going to bring the "right person" into one of my children's lives, because I met my right person when I was 14. We were definitely too young to get involved, though. However, I think that the kids should remain friends only with people until they are ready to commit to marriage. Then, they should ask God to show them when they are ready and who to look to get to know better and who to stay away from.

They should NOT be kissing and testing the waters before they are ready for a commitment, or at all before they are committed.

If they submit their love lives completely to God, and only follow where He leads, they will have a good life. Not one without hardships, but one where they KNOW they have a partner with the same views and goals, and they can get through anything.

They should never seek a relationship with someone who is not equally yoked spiritually. Period. The Bible says it and I know it to be true.

My prayers and dreams for my children are for them to seek to serve God above all else, and to submit to His time and His will for a spouse. To keep their hearts pure and protected from harmful relationships so they can walk into a marriage with every piece of their heart intact and ready to truly love someone as God would have them do so. That their spouse would also put God above everything else and love my child with the love of God.

A secondary prayer is that they save their first kiss for their wedding day. What an amazing moment that would be! I wish I could change my life and have that.

My children do not like my rules. At all. They don't think it is fair or reasonable to not be allowed to ride alone in a car with someone of the opposite sex, or to have unlimited and unsupervised texting and IM'ing with the opposite sex. I don't allow dating or kissing, they think I am crazy. Well, Kaytlin doesn't completely, but she will date, ride in cars, etc when she has found the guy that God gives her the thumbs up about. The kissing remains to be decided.

Now, every thing that I have forbidden for the reasons I have forbidden it has been broken by Drew, and some by Devon, and I have been right on all of it. They have been hurt, they have hurt others, they have found the intimacy of unsupervised texting leads to trouble, etc. Yet they keep on arguing that it is OK. They know it isn't, but the heart is deceitful.

I am very proud of where Kaytlin is in this area. She has come to the decisions on her own to not date until God tells her that this is the guy she will marry. She very much so likes a guy who is of the same mindset in so many things, yet they are choosing to remain friends for a long time. They want to do nothing that friends would not do. Eventually they will be ready for a commitment, and either they will know it is right, or they will know they are not right for each other and will not go to the next step. No heart breaking.

Drew and Devon fight us on this. Just about every bit of it. Drew has chosen now that he is out of the house to go ahead and ride alone with girls, date, kiss, etc. Devon would make that choice now, too, if we let him.

Drew has a girl in mind. I don't know what is going on there, but she wanted to date, then wants to wait (with a reason I don't know). I don't know. I like her. She fits in with our family and I think we've got a lot of the same humor. (mean, lol) However, I just don't think she is the "one." I don't think she is equally yoked with Drew. I haven't talked to her about her spiritual walk, but I just don't feel it. I would love to see her commit herself to God and then maybe she and Drew would be a fit. It would never be dull with Shelby around, I know we'd have a lot of fun. She is also way too young for a commitment right now, at only 16. Drew isn't really ready for a commitment, either, he just always has desired one. Thankfully he didn't pick a crazy person this time, and she is quite a qt, too. Time will tell what happens here. I'm not closed minded or against Shelby, I just don't think she is the one for Drew, or at least not NOW. (correct me wherever, Shelby, just leave a comment)

Devon has also gone the unequally yoked path. She has broken his heart big-time. I haven't met her, though.

Lesson? Boys, listen to your mama. She knows.

How is this going to help me?

I got an email today from a Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst. I am sure it was an attempt to help me, at least if I read the email right I think it was designed to help me. Or maybe it was to sell some kind of book or product. I didn't click the link because I didn't want to find out the "disgusting truth" that she said she would reveal to me.

The subject line of the email said it all: This is why you are fat‏
Wouldn't you be excited to open that email? And to click through to find out the "disgusting truth" about why I am so fat? Oh, but she says I should always know that it is not my fault.

What is the craziest junk mail you have gotten?

The last Christmas party of the year

We had Christmas at my dad's house this weekend. We haven't been hitting Christmas eve or day much lately because my step-mom works and we need to work around her schedule, so it has actually worked out really well in order to have all the grandkids around. (a few have to work around two sets of parents and that can be hard)
Samuel actually did really well without his Batman most of the time we were there! We only had to pull it out just before we left to make him calm. He was a turd and into trouble, but thankfully not like he gets into at home, lol.
Drew did bring his friend, Shelby, to dinner. She survived. Actually she fits right in to my family. That is scary. (Hi, Shelby!) Just as she walked in the door she met my brother, Rick, who introduced himself by saying "Run! Run as fast as you can!" But she stayed. And figured out that that was the guy we warned her about. I'll blog about Shelby another time, though.

Preparing food for 24 people is quite taxing on a person. Especially Klub (giant, gray pototo dumplings with ham in the middle), which is nasty, but it takes a long time to make it. Then getting everything ready with grandkids everywhere, adult kids play arguing, some pushing and bumping, and even a knife fight in the bathroom, well, it is a bit stressful. My step-mom was alternating between snapping at people and loving on the grandkids. It was a bit like she was bi-polar at times, lol. (love you, Ma!) So, later in the evening when we were playing cards and getting some leftovers together for supper, my brother Chris and I both wanted mayo with our ham sandwhich instead of butter. Ma said "If you want mayo you can make your own bleep sandwiches." A few minutes later she was telling Sam no to something and Chris turns around and says "Hey, May, when you see the Wizard are you going to ask him for a heart?" Let me just say that it is a good thing I had nothing in my mouth at that moment. We about died laughing. She was ticked, but really it was funny. She did make Chris his sandwich, though. I didn't get one, so I stole part of his.

Ma and Dad also decided that next year instead of getting each other Christmas presents (well instead of them getting US presents, we are still allowed to buy for THEM) that we would just take the money and buy for a needy family in the area. Chris wasn't taking that so well (in jest) and I piped in "Yeah, well if Donnie doesn't have a job by then, we could be that needy family." and she answered "You don't live in this county." I replied "If Donnie doesn't have a job by next Christmas, we'll be living right here in this house." You should have seen the look on her face! LOL

It was a fun day. We are all kind of mean in our humor and I love it!
Here are some pictures of our day. See if you can find The Grinch in these pics. I think she is wearing a flowered hoodie, lol. (my sister Liz)

Click to play Christmas at My Dad's
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Striding Rite along in style

Having many young feet to care for over the years, I have been tempted to just buy used shoes because the kids go through them so fast. They wear them out, grow out of them, lose them. I hate spending a lot of money on shoes.
But children's feet need to be cared for and nurtured so that they do not grow wrong and cause problems with their backs or their posture.
One of my favorite types of shoes, for the early walkers especially, are from Stride Rite. You know that you are getting well-made, and well-researched shoes for your little one's feet.

From their website:

Natural Motion System - In 2000, Stride Rite® unveiled a major
innovation, the Stride Rite® Baby Natural Motion System™, which encourages and
enhances baby's natural stride path. Recent research, conducted jointly with the
medical community, confirms that barefoot walking is beneficial for baby, but
little feet still need protection. The Stride Rite® Baby Natural Motion System™
provides the closest choice to barefoot, in both traditional looks and
contemporary looks.
Toddler Tech - In 2001, Stride Rite unveiled Toddler Tech, we understand that toddlers are not only walking, they are zooming, leaping, climbing and stomping. That's why Stride Rite developed a technology specifically designed for the non-stop movement of an active toddler. The result is our ground breaking technology centered around our Natural Cushioning System™.
Kid Tech - In 2002, Stride Rite's latest research found that children at this age participate in a multitude of different activities, and therefore place extra stress on their shoes. Parents are faced with replacing their kids shoes more often and are looking for benefits such as durability, fit and value. The result is our latest innovation for kids, Kid Tech with Ultra Durability System™, which was designed to withstand the extra wear and tear kids place on their shoes.

Not only are the shoes perfect for little feet, they are gorgeous! You don't have to give up style to have a pair of shoes that is made correctly.

Stride Rite makes shoes from pre-walker size 1 all the way to a child's size 12.
They have the fun new Superball shoes, dress shoes for boys and girls, and even boots.

December 26, 2008

You are so Uneak

I got a great new shoe for Samuel and I wanted to tell everyone about it because they are really uneak. Yes, I know that is spelled wrong, lol. That is the brand of shoe, Uneaks. I like the novelty of the shoe, you change the sock and the shoe is now different. But I also like how durable the shoe is. It is firm and stable, perfect for young walkers. The socks are very unique. They have a different design on each side and that makes each pair of socks like two pairs because the designs show through the sides of the shoes. Very cool!
On to the tough part: getting a picture of a shoe on a 2 year old who LOVES the shoes and how they sound stomping through the house.

You get the idea.
Sam loves the shoes. He walked in when I was opening the box and took one look at them and knew they were for him. I don't know how he knew, but he claimed them and insisted on wearing them right NOW.
He wore them around and stomped and stomped and stomped. The noise was not so fun, but the bright side is that we finally found something that he will leave on. And I'm not talking just shoes here. I spared you all the pictures of him wearing nothing but the shoes.

Aren't the socks just adorable! I love the camo/checkers socks. I think Sam likes the Alex from Madagascar socks the best. There are several styles of socks based off the Madagascar 2 movie.
The shoes come in 3 styles for boys and 6 for girls. I know, it seems unfair, but you know it has to be that way, girls need more styles than boys, lol.
Uneaks are very good shoes and I really love everything about them. The construction is well-made, the styles are trendy and fun, and they are easily paired with almost any outfit with just a change of sock. I am very pleased with these shoes.
And Sam will wear them!

Pledge~ Review and Giveaway

I recently received a can of Pledge Natural Beauty to try out. I have a lot of wood in my house! My house is almost entirely wood floors, and wood furniture is such a natural accessory to that. But dust is also a natural accessory to wood floors and furniture.
I am allergic to dust mites, so I have a thing for getting rid of dust.
Pledge has a natural dust repellent that helps your furniture stay dust-free longer. It also removes up to 84% of allergens from dust mites and pet dander! A double help for my allergies!
Even though there is no waxy build-up from Pledge, it still manages to help protect against water spills. stains and every day wear. I love the shine it leaves behind, and the fresh lemon scent.

I have a can to give away to one of my readers.
Leave a comment telling me one of your cleaning woes. If you don't have a cleaning woe, then I don't like you and you don't need a can of Pledge.
You must be a US resident to win.
The giveaway ends January 5.

"This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program by SC Johnson, who also supplied the product for review and giveaway."

Finally! I have the computer!

Do you know how hard it is to get on the computer when there are NINE people at home almost constantly? Well, it is not fun, that's for sure. I am getting a bunch of bows and necklaces made for my etsy store, though.

We had some excitement at home this week. Drew discovered some golden blond locks of hair on the floor.
Trinity decided to cut her hair because she "felt like it." Now when she touches scissors she tells us it is not to cut her hair.
She only cut one side.

She did a pretty good job, actually.

If I brushed her hair just right you couldn't tell.

But I cut it. It is much shorter now. I didn't take an after pic, but you can see how short it is in our Christmas pics. I have the sides pulled back, but the back is much shorter now, too.

Tonight Sam was screaming and had something all over him and in his eyes. It was pepper. That was fun to get out of his eyes. It was everywhere, in his hair, clothes, mouth, ears, lol. He is very happy to get rid of the burn now, but you would have thought we were killing him when we were washing out his eyes.

December 25, 2008

Christmas Pictures

We have had an amazing Christmas so far. We still get to go celebrate with my family this weekend.
Overall it has been fun, tiring, eventful and funny.
Sam isn't handling it all that well, but he loves his new Batcave. He wouldn't let go of his Batman and Robin, even to sleep. We did get him to bed without the cave, thankfully.
Uncle Dean gave the kids a Guitar Hero wireless guitar, and the kids were a bit worried, since there were no more presents and we don't have Guitar Hero for the Wii.
After we were done opening presents, Uncle Daryl brought out a box and told Dean that he got a shipment sent to their house. It was Guitar Hero for the Wii. Dean said "Oh, man, I ordered the wrong one, I don't have a Wii." Devon didn't get that it was a joke and really for us. He asked me "Is it really a mistake?" Then he found out it was for us and we all laughed at him.

When we were opening presents at home today, Christmas Day, there were 3 Wii games in a row opened, so when it was Kaytlin's turn she pulled open the paper and announced "It's a Wii game! Just kidding!" Then she opened the box and "It IS a Wii game." LOL
I got what I asked for, a stadium chair for swim meets and a 4 slice bagel toaster. (plus a foot massager and lotions!)
Then we got Drew's present to the kids. Rock Band for the Wii. Now what? Do we need two games with drums, guitars and microphones? Which one? Which one? Oh, it was a dilemma! But the one we return will provide us with Wii remotes and chargers and accessories so we are completely set. Plus it will provide enough to buy storage containers for all the Wii stuff.
Click to play Christmas 2008
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Next up, my Dad's house. And maybe we'll get to meet Drew's girl friend. THATS another post.

December 23, 2008

I finally have my act together?

Of course not! But I do finally have my etsy store open and have items in stock.

I am very excited to introduce you to my new store Hand-Made In Minnesota. I will soon be adding inventory from other Minnesotans, too.

Don't forget to go vote for Devon's bed head.

Zoo Vet: Endangered Animals

I recently got to try out Legacy Interactive's award winning Zoo Vet: Endangered Animals that is now available for the Nintendo DS. We are pretty big gaming geeks over at the Qtpie household. I like to find games that even Trinity can play. This game has no violence and is not so fast paced that she gets hyper. It is still fun for even adults to play. Animal lovers will learn things by playing the game because the problems with the animals range from fun to serious, using real terminology that will teach you something.
Product Features
  • 30 different beautifully rendered and animated 3D animals, from dangerous lions to gigantic elephants to curious penguins.
  • 30 true to life medical cases and two levels of difficulty where quirky co-workers are always on hand to help you out.
  • 15 different medical tools, each with a unique microgame, make the player feel as though the tool is really in their hands.
  • 6 fun minigames where you can interact with the animals in their natural environment.

The game has different ways of telling you what is going on with the animal and you choose which one to help first. Like the blue circled ones are hungry.

Then you can stop over and feed them. Each little tool has it's own game/skill to play.
It is a fun game, more for pre-teens, but everyone can enjoy it. To fully enjoy the game they player should be able to read, but Trinity can play after watching other people play, sometimes having to ask for help.

This would be a great gift for your gamer, especially in the 9-12 age range. Or any animal lover.

Vote for Devon!

I entered Devon's picture into the Sleep Number Bed Head contest. Would you please go vote for him every day?? Pretty please??
Every day that you vote you can leave a comment that you did it, and if I win the Sleep Number bed, I will give out bows or necklaces from my soon-to-be etsy store to several people, your choice! I may even give something to every person that votes!
Even if I don't win, I will give out one prize of the winner's choice.

Thanks a bunch!

Right now Devon is on the first page of the men entrants. Click on that little button over there on the top left side bar to go vote.

Thanks so much!

Wishes for you, my friends

To All My Democrat Friends
Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2009, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere. Also, this wish is made without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishee.

To My Republican Friends:
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

When you're here, your family.

Donnie earned a nice gift card to The Olive Garden before he was laid off and we wanted to save it until Drew was home. We knew it would be a fun time with the big five, but we left the little two with friends, which was much more fun for everyone, except Dan and Jody who had 2 extra kids on their anniversary. Thanks, Jody!!!

The thing about doing something special like that is it gets the kids talking. They just don't open up as much at home, but something about being out and getting a treat gets them talking. There was even a sighting of Devon's smile!

Kaytlin and Devon were telling me about something that happened last week. Kaytlin's friend Peter had just arrived to pick them up and we had just found out that Devon had kissed a girl when Kaytlin was SUPPOSED to be chaperoning him. So I was mock chewing her out for being such a horrible chaperon. Peter started chewing Devon out for kissing someone at all. (which we had already done, that is why we were on to Kaytlin's part of it) The kids were elaborating a bit on the conversation after they left the house. Peter said "You made your mom yell at Kaytlin." They told him that I wasn't mad at her, and he said that he doesn't want to see me mad, then. LOL Let's keep it that way.

Here is a pic of Drew, Hope-Anne and I.

Checking out the menu. It took awhile to decide what we were going to order. So many fantastic choices.

Even these 3 bonded and enjoyed each other.

Could the food look any more incredible?
Drew ordered some sort of ravioli, Devon did, too, but his was normal with the red sauce.

Hope-Anne went traditional with spaghetti and meatballs. Which she was too full to even touch. She said it made a great brunch today.
Cody ordered seafood. Yes, that is scallops, shrimp and muscles. He ate every bite. He didn't want left overs because reheating seafood is not good.

I ordered Chicken with apricot glaze. It was really good.

On our way to the town it was in we had to travel through a small town we rarely go to. Just as we passed through there was a guy walking down the road. It was -30 windchill last night. That is dangerous and crazy to try walking in that! Donnie started to pull over and I freaked out! I was in the car! His son was in the car! You don't pick up hitch hikers! He did it anyway because he was not letting someone walk in that weather. When Donnie asked the guy where he was going he said "I have two strikes against me, hitchhiking and going to an AA meeting." He did not look particularly safe, either. I was pretty freaked out.

But he was really a nice guy, down on his luck, struggling to stay sober. Can you imagine the day you would have to have to walk 13 miles in -30 weather to go to an AA meeting? All I could do was pray for him. I didn't want him walking back home, it would be worse after dark. I don't know what happened to him, though. We looked for him on the way home.

I know it all turned out well, but was it right for Donnie to stop? I have had this discussion with another friend, and I am really against helping people in this type of situation. I am fine with Donnie doing it when he is alone, but not with me or ever with the kids. But he says that we need to do things "for the least of these." He just has to. Well, sure, that seems great in theory, but this world is not pretty. What about being safe? What about keeping your kids safe?

I don't know if there is a right answer here.

December 21, 2008

Drew's home!

Drew made it home fine. The roads must not have been that bad because none of the guys complained about them. They were late because they stopped for supper. It was a LATE night. The little ones didn't get to sleep until after 1am. They were so excited and wound up over Drew that I couldn't get them down.
Months and months ago Donnie got a very large gift card to The Olive Garden from his work as a reward. We are going to take the big five kids out to eat tonight with it. I am not about to brave that wonderful restaurant with the little two kids. Texas is still fresh in my mind. (where it seemed they had never been out of the house before) They are staying at Jody's house where they can have fun.

December 20, 2008

Late, after all

Drew's plan did end up delayed a bit. A little over an hour. They should be on their way home soon. Through the snow, wind, and traffic.
The boys went with Donnie and were really excited to see Drew. I could hear them chattering away when I talked to Donnie. LOL

A couple more hours!!!

Drew will be home in a couple of hours! His plane lands in less than an hour.
In spite of the enormous amounts of snow we've had today, his plane is not supposed to be delayed.
Donnie making it to the airport in time is another matter altogether.

This morning Donnie cleaned off the windows on my car and shovelled the sidewalks and deck. In the 5 minutes it took after he cleaned off my windows for me to get outside, the windows were not visible any more.
As I was leaving I could see sidewalk where he was shoveling. 3 hours later this is what I came home to.

You can almost see where there is a sidewalk, but you can't see any cement through the snow. It was like he hadn't even shoveled. We are in a winter storm advisory.

Here is our current weather:
3 °F
Light Snow
Windchill: -16 °F

We are supposed to get 4-7 inches of snow today and tomorrow the windchill is predicted to be -20 to -30 degrees! Yikes!

December 19, 2008

An Indian Giver I shall not be

Last night I took Hope-Anne shopping with me. She is 12. She talked all the way there. (20 miles) She talked the whole time we were in the store. She talked the entire way home.
At some point she started talking about Paul Bunyan and his big blue ox, Babe, who made the lakes in Minnesota with his foot prints. She thinks that Big Lake must have been made by him laying down.
I just couldn't take it anymore. I told her she talks constantly about nothing. She got mock offended and said that Paul Bunyan was her life! I said her life was annoying, then. That set her off more. "Huuuuh! You called yourself annoying! You are part of my life. And Dad! And my friend Anna! You called Anna annoying!"
At that point I said "I paid for your supper." which is code for "SHUT UP ALREADY!"
She got all mock contrite and agreed. Then turned toward me and said
"Do you want it back?"

Um, no.

December 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Happy Edition

In light of the poor economy, and our fun state of unemployment, I thought I would focus on all the things that make me HAPPY right now. In no particular order.

1. I am overjoyed at having good friends.
This pic is my very pregnant friend Sarah in red, and my friend Anna in black on the left.
This pic is my friend Jeannie in the red and Jody with the baby. My new friend Padma is next to Jeannie.
2. My amazing family makes me happy. My kids are great, truly. They are so good, it just baffles the mind. I don't know how it happened, but they turned out better than good in spite of me.
3. I am happy that my Airman is coming home for Christmas on Saturday!
4. My daughter has a "special friend" that I am not allowed to blog about, but I am thrilled about the whole thing. (especially the fact that he will not kiss until his wedding day)
5. My two little reversal miracles bring me great joy. I know the amazing blessing they are after altering our fertility and then putting it back in God's hands. The enjoy life and I love watching them.

6. I get so happy looking at my nativity set. It is the only thing I have to remember my grandparents by. The one ornament that I had with my grandpa's handwriting on it broke a couple of years ago. I got this for Christmas last year, and this is the first year I haven't cried about losing that ornament.
7. I am learning to make some great new crafts. I love making these necklaces. It makes me happy to see something I have made be worn by someone else. Especially when they make my teenage daughter happy. How often do you make something your teens like? LOL

8. I also started making hair bows. They are a huge hit and I am selling tons of them before I have even opened my online store. My family and friends are not complaining about being used for test subjects, either.
9. Having heat in my house makes me happy. It is so cold outside, I love being in front of the heater and soaking it up.
10. I am so happy that I have a loving church family. It makes life so much easier to know that people have your back and pray for you.
11. I am happy that I have a good marriage. There have been some very, very rocky moments, but we have stayed committed and come out stronger and happier.
12. My blog makes me happy. I need to talk and get things out. This saves my husband's ears and has made a lot of friends for me.
13. Free things make me happy! Winning prizes, doing reviews, free samples. They make my frugal heart sing.
What makes you happy in these tough economic times?

Tag, You're it!

I was tagged by my friend Jeannie to do a photo meme.
*Go to the 6th picture folder in your documents.
*Find the 6th picture in your 6th folder.
*Pray that you remember what it is about.
*Blog about it.
*Tag 6 people to do the same.
This is a picture from Donnie's family reunion three summers ago. I was pregnant with Samuel and Donnie's sister Daphne was pregnant with her first child, Austin. My sister was pregnant at that time, too. My only sister, and Donnie's only sister, and we all had our babies in a 7 week span.
This is my favorite family reunion. I love Donnie's family. They are so nice. The only fight they would ever have is over who would sit in a chair. "You sit here." "No, no, you sit there." "No, I'll sit over there, you sit there." Nice wars, lol.
I call my mom's family reunions "The Looney Bin Reunion." Hey, if the name fits..........
My dad's family doesn't even bother anymore, and it is probably a good thing. That would go from looney to psychotic. Two of my dad's sisters won't talk to him and the other sister because they sued the one sister for their deceased mom's money that she set aside for her tombstone, they lost, and my dad sat on the wrong side of the court room, apparently.

So, now I have to tag 6 people that Jeannie hasn't tagged.
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Wow, Who Knew?

I had no idea that when I posted the pictures of my new addiction I would start making money.
I love making the hair clips and the necklaces, and I really love seeing people wear them. Getting paid for it doesn't hurt at all.
I went through all 50 clips that I bought, so now I am out of them. I have to order them online, so I have nothing to do! Whaa! I went smart this time and ordered 500, lol. It brought my cost down $7 total, and then all the shipping I would have spent getting 50 or 100 at a time. I also bought my ribbon at a wholesaler for the same company and got that price lowered a ton, even with having to ship from two places.
I am opening my etsy store this weekend sometime. I have to see how much inventory I have left after my friend Jody brings my product back from the daycare center she works at. She was telling people about how the ribbons stay in fine baby hair all day, and they wanted some of those. Jody asked me to send some clips along with her and she'd sell some for me. Boy, did she ever! The first day she had made $40 for me by noon! Plus a special order. OK, I'm hooked! I may even start doing craft fairs.
But first I have to supply all the girlies in my family with free hair bows, and my friends' girls, lol. I love doing that.