Our 7 Qtpies

June 02, 2012

Hope's Drawings

 She finds pictures online and turns them into drawings. These two pics are from the internet.

 This is Hope (above) and her self-portrait. (below)
She just blows my mind with her talent! My mom and my husband are both fantastic artists, and I have to say, and so do they, that she is pretty close to having them beat at only 15. Can you imagine where she can take this?

My Sailor!

 On May 25th Devon graduated Naval basic training. He is now a sailor! He is an Unclassified Airman and will be working with Sea Hawk Helicoptors in California. Such an amazing turn-around from 2 months ago when I wasn't sure I'd ever get him off my couch!
 I am so proud of him! I know he is going to love his new life and living in California. I hope he doesn't choose to stay there forever, but I am so happy for him. He better meet and marry a Minnesota girl.

Where did the time GO?

I look at the picture on my blog of my family and I think, man, that is outdated! But it couldn't have been THAT long ago, could it?
That picture was taken before Drew left for the military. I think he had just graduated, and we were taking Kaytlin's senior pictures. They were all still living at home, though!
Now life is SO different! Not only do none of us really look like that anymore. (well, maybe Donnie and I still do) But everyone has changed so much in other ways, too.
Donnie has a new job, and so do I! We are both so much happier with our career choices, too. Plus we go to a new church now.
Drew joined the Air Force and is an air traffic controller, has a lovely wife and adorable 9 month old daughter!
Kaytlin graduated college, married and has a 1 month old son!
Devon joined the Navy and is in A school, soon to move to California to start his job.
Cody is almost 17 now! He is doing online school now, which is so much better for him, though he is still struggling in some aspects, it has still be a much better decision for him.
Hope is 15!!!!! She is now an amazing artist! I'll have to post some of her pictures.
Trinity is 8 and Sam is 5. They look so different now, too. I am loving the independence that comes with getting out of those baby stages, and they love it, too.

Three of our 7 Qtpies7 have moved out! And we have added 4 new family members! Time for a new picture, but getting all of us together? That is going to be a challenge! I am hoping for Christmas this year. Devon plans to come home, but if he is out on a ship, nothing he can do.